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Preparations are a special type of consumable that are applied to weapons and armor to improve their stats. Smithing, tailoring, and woodcrafting are used to create preparations from refined materials. There are 3 types of regular preparations. There are 3 rare preparations that can be made by only Preparations Masters.

  • Smithing creates Powders to increase Expertise on Weapons
  • Smithing creates Mineral Extracts to increase Blasting on Helms (Preparation Master required to learn recipe.)
  • Tailoring creates Embroidery to increase Armor on Outfits
  • Tailoring creates Leather Stitching to increase Poise on Belts (Preparation Master required to learn recipe.)
  • Woodcrafting creates Resin to increase Savagery on Gloves
  • Woodcrafting creates Pitch to increase Onslaught on Boots (Preparation Master required to learn recipe.)


  • Gear must be removed and the preparation dragged onto the item. On mobile the "Use on" option may be selected.
  • It doesn't matter if you apply a preparation before or after Enhancement.
  • Enhancing gear does not improve on the preparation's effect.
  • Applying a 2nd preparation overwrites any existing improvement.
  • An improved preparation recipe is found every 5 levels of crafting (at levels ending in 4 or 9).
  • The item that you are applying the preparation to must be (preparation level-4) or higher.
  • Preparations are tradeable. Items that are improved by them remain tradeable.