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Plotting The Course
Level 11
Type Main quest
Location Ardent Castle

Plotting The Course is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Lady Philippa has asked me to talk to Tomule, a famous cartographer, to ensure that she has the best plotted course for the journey.




  • Find Tomule in Ardent Castle.
  • Return to the Throne Room and inform Lady Philippa about what Tomule said.
  • It seems that Lady Philippa has left. Ask around in the throne room and find out what happened to her.
  • Head to Lady Philippa’s quarters and try to catch her before she leaves.


  • 4 silver, 50 copper
  • 14,7k XP
  • Uncommon Priest Robe(different depending on the played class)


  • Tomule is at D6, talk to him. He’ll tell you about the safest route to the Wizard Towers in Stormhold which are in Maiden. The safe route is Lady’s Lake, Bearhold Valley, Mounds, then portal to Maiden. Once you know this, return to Lady Philippa and tell her all what Tomule told you.
  • Lady Philippa has vanished. Talk to Sabirra and she’ll tell you that Lady Philippa has gone to her own quarters at G4. But once you arrive there, she is already vanished. Instead you find Kelp, go talk to him. This ends the quest and you get the follow up quest: Checking With Tribunus.


Lady Philippa: "Ah the great hero has arrived at last to our fair castle!"

You "Did you need some help my lady?"

Lady Philippa: "Indeed! Heroes such as yourself have uncovered a dangerous lost relic, the broken half of Mallok's Chalice!"

You "What does this mean?"

Lady Philippa: "If Mallok's relics are resurfacing, then something, or someone is on the move." You "What must be done?"

Lady Philippa: "The chalice will need to be immediately sent away to Stormhold. I have trusted friends there who can keep it safe. We must find out more about the situation, and their wisdom and power will help."

You "Maybe I can help?"

Lady Philippa: "Since time is of the essence, perhaps I could. Could you help me make some preparations?"

You "Certainly!"

Lady Philippa: "In the western wing of the castle lives Tomule. He is one of the best cartographers in the Seven Realms. I know the way to the wizard towers in Stormhold, but perhaps consulting Tomule about the safest route would be wise considering the importance of what we are carrying."

You "That sounds wise. I will talk with him."

Lady Philippa: "Thanks you, Cerula, and remember, keep the issue a secret!"

After finding Tomule:

Tomule: "Hello there! Welcome to Ardent Castle."

You "Hi Tomule, I was sent by Lady Philippa. I hear you are the best cartographer in the realm."

Tomule: "The best cartographer in ALL Seven Realms thank you much!"

You "Right. Well I was wondering if you could tell me the safest route to the wizard towers in Stormhold?"

Tomule: "Then it's Maiden you seek, that's easy enough. The safest route would be to head through Lady's Lake, then into Bearhold Valley, follow the road through to Mounds, where you will find the magical portal that will take you to Maiden. Once in Maiden, you can see the wizard towers on the horizon."

You "And that is the safest route?"

Tomule: "Yes, indeed, nothing in those areas that a good guard couldn't fend off."

You "Thank you! It was a pleasure meeting you."

Tomule: "And you! Good luck on your journey."

After returning to the throne roon, talk to Sabirra:

Sabirra: "Are you who I am looking for?"

You "I am. Where has Lady Philippa gone?"

Sabirra: "She heard some news and rushed off rather quickly. Maybe you should check her quarters, you might be able to catch her."

You "Thanks Sabirra!"

Sabirra: "Good luck!"

You "Farewell."

Sabirra: "See you later."

In Lady Philippa's room, talk to Kelp:

Kelp: "Lucky me. Another hero with good hygiene."

You "I could say the same to you! I am on official business as a hero of the realm, and you... were you just eating food from the garbage?"

Kelp: "'The Hero of the Realm'! Really? Feeling mighty proud of yourself, are you? The righteous hero who saved the realm from Donalda? Bah! If you only knew some of the things I know about what really goes on around here, you wouldn't be looking so smug!"