Villagers and Heroes Wiki
Location Gandymeade Grove
Grid B3

Otin is a NPC in Villagers & Heroes.

Spirit of Rebirth


  • He is standing at the NW corner of the map. He's the one you go to for your rebirths. You can rebirth at level 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90.

He'll ask you several questions that you have to answer correctly, only then he warps you inside the Temple of Rebirth.

  • Question 1: What will you gain with each rebirth?
    • Answer 1 : I'll gain five permanent talent points, and these talent points stack with other rebirths I do.
  • Question 2: Can a rebirth be undone?
    • Answer 2: No, it is permanent and can never be undone?
  • Question 3: What do you lose when you are reborn?
    • Answer 3: I'll lose all of my combat levels, quests, bounties, and my talents will be reset.
  • Question 4: What do you keep when you are reborn?
    • Answer 4: I'll keep my crafting skills, elder levels, enchantments, items, explored travel pads, portal keys, achievements, as well as all talent points I have earned from previous rebirths.
  • Question 5: What is the rebirth experience like?
    • Answer 5: It scales with level, growing at certain key levels.
  • Question 6: How long does the rebirth experience boost lasts?
    • Answer 6: It will last until I reach the highest level I have ever been.
  • Question 7: If you have done four rebirths in total, how many bonus talent points will you have?
    • Answer 7: Twenty.
  • Question 8: If you have a special enchantment like Yoricks Fervor, will you lose that enchantment after you are reborn?
    • Answer 8: No, I keep all of my enchantments.
  • Question 9: If you return to me, will I undo your rebirth and return you to your normal level?
    • Answer 9: No. A rebirth can never be undone. It is permanent.
  • Then he'll ask you if you wish to be reborn, either say no, or say yes - then he'll warp you inside the Temple of Rebirth.

Inside this temple: take of all cloths, weapons, jewelry, answer the last question with yes and you will be reborn.


  • None