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Ore is a material item in Villagers and Heroes. They are used for making Ingots


  • Ore is obtained while mining at ore nodes matching the name of the ore.
Level Name Description
1 Copper Ore.png Copper Ore The most malleable and common of the ores, the uses of copper are unending.
15 Tin ore.png Tin Ore More sophisticated than copper, but equally industrious and multi-faceted in its uses.
30 Iron ore.png Iron Ore An indomitable ore, known for its might, it is the foundation of Ardent City and Castle.
45 Silver ore.png Silver Ore This elite, lustrous or can be transformed into a great many sought after metals.
60 Pyritte ore.png Pyrrite Ore An unyielding ore, as powerful as the Stone Lord from which it takes its name.
75 Mtihril ore.png Mithril Ore A rare and versatile mineral, this green ore is rich with the essences of nature.
90 Koldcore ore.png Koldcore Ore A prized ore, cold to the touch and dazzling in its intensity.