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Operation Garg-Gurgle
Level 68
Type Main quest
Location Knockroe Village

Operation Garg-Gurgle is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

I now have the toxins to poison the Pyrrite Infusion. I can poison the vats in any order.




  • Contaminate the Eastern Vat.
  • Contaminate Captain Nyone's Vat.
  • Contaminate Ignim's Vat.
  • Contaminate the Northeastern Vat.
  • Contaminate Roock Obsidine's Vat.
  • Contaminate Wuasa's Vat.
  • Contaminate Jadister's Vat.
  • Contaminate the Southern Vat.


  • 48 silver
  • 172k XP
  • Uncommon Warrior Bracer (different depending on the played class)


  • Scarticus gives you the 8 toxins: Marilla's Toxic Concoction needed for this quest.
  • Go to the Staging Chambers (First get the key sold by Rhinehald G1 in Sapphira's Lament).
  • Run to every vat (cauldron) and click on it and drop in the Marilla's Toxic Concoction. It doesn't matter which order you follow.
    • The Eastern Vat : B4
    • Captain Nyone's Vat: C2
    • Ignim's Vat: D3
    • Northeastern Vat: G2
    • Roock Obsidine's Vat: G3
    • Wuasa's Vat: E5
    • Southern Vat: D6
    • Contaminate Jadister's Vat: D5
  • BUT when you have thrown the 7th one in a vat, a quest got triggered: Thieving Kobolds.
  • You will not be able to finish this quest until you have done the Thieving Kobolds quest.
  • Finishing this quest means that you contaminated the last vat, so return to Scarticus and tell how succesful you were.
  • This ends the quest and you get your reward.
  • Talk to him some more and he'll give you the next main quest: Eyes on the Prize.


Picking up quest

You "What about?"

Scarticus: "Steach and his gang of thieving Kobolds were spotted in the area. So, keep a tight hand on your bags, for Steach is a notoriously swift and stealthy pickpocket!"

You "Oh, I will. Nothing gets past me, Scarticus. My eyes are sharp!"

Scarticus: "How nice for you. Here are the 8 vials of poison. Report back to me when you've accomplished the mission. Good luck, soldier!"

Turning in quest

Scarticus: "How does the poisoning go?"

You "It was a success Scarticus! Those gargoyles won't know what hit them!"

Scarticus: "Great work, <Player_Name>! In my lifetime, I will see the liberation of the Brindles. You bring me ever closer to that dream, soldier, and have gladdened this old slave's heart."