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On The Trail, To Kingsport!
Level 12
Type Main quest
Location Ardent City

On The Trail, To Kingsport is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Nuala said that the Royal Party was last seen in Kingsport, and that an elderly woman by the name of Demelza usually knows what goes on in the port. That is where I should start looking.




  • Head to Kingsport. I can use the portal in Ardent City.
  • Find Demelza in Kingsport and ask her about the Royal Party.


  • 1 silver, 25 copper
  • 3937 XP
  • Uncommon Wizard Belt (different depending on the played class)


  • Go to Kingsport to D2 (walk behind the anvils) and ask Demelza about the Royal Party. This ends this quest.
  • But keep talking to her and shell well you all she knows if you do her a favor: A Deal With Demelza.


You "Oh no! I hope Lady Philippa is safe!"

Tribunus Nuala: "Don't be daft! Lady Philippa never went with the party, she had... uh... other matters to look into. Besides, if it is as I suspect, and involves foul play, it is better that she never went with them."

You "Ambushed by The Black Thrush would be my guess."

Tribunus Nuala: "Quiet, you fool! Don't you dare mention that name aloud, especially near King Leo! Not a day goes by that he doesn't still mourn for his long dead queen, and I won't have you stirring up all that old business again! Are we clear?"

You "No, not really. I hear whisper that you told Lady Philippa about the Black Thrush, which is why she rushed off. But more importantly, we've got to find out what's happened to that royal party!"

Tribunus Nuala: "On that we agree. You're that hero everyone has been talking about, aren't you? Well, Cerula, the realm needs you once again. Will you investigate and find out what has become of the royal party bearing the chalice?"

You "Absolutely!"

Tribunus Nuala: "Excellent! There were five individuals in the party, two wizards, two guards, and Lady Philippa's handmaiden, Cressida. The chalice is in a box that is protected with powerful magical enchantments. One of my scouts informed me that the party was last seen in Kingsport. Start there. There's a gossipy old crone named Demelza who seems to know everything that goes on in Kingsport. Try talking to her."

You "I'll start there. Thanks, Tribunus Nuala."

Tribunus Nuala: "Good luck, and farewell!"

Talk to Demelza:

Demelza: "Boris stole his neighbor's butter! And did you know that Sabrina secretly pines for Lorenzo, who is actually bald but can't afford a wig, so he glues mossy leaves on his head, which his sister happens to be allergic to but refuses to take her allergy medicine because she's mad at the chemist who gave it to her?"

You "Riveting stuff! But I'm on urgent business, and I need your help! Did you happen to see a royal party here recently made up of five individuals?"

Demelza: "Well, of course I did. Hard to miss such an elegant group of adults all behaving like children! All that screaming and fussing and bickering. Not regal behavior in my opinion."