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Old Ramblings
Level 7
Type Main quest
Location Summer's Hollow

Old Ramblings is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Tanaquil mentioned that she overheard Viggo rambling on about Tarquin, which is the person the Malicious Miscreant demanded to be released. I should ask Viggo about this Tarquin.




  • Talk with Viggo in Summer's Hollow.
  • Get a bar of Salamander Soap from Penelope in the Market of Summer's Hollow.
  • Head back to Viggo and show him the soap.
  • Wash your mouth out with the bar of Salamander Saop.
  • Head back to Viggo and show him your clean mouth.
  • Make your way to Cronk Island. There is a cave that leads to Cronk Island on the south side of Summer's Hollow, and look for Rosemunda.
  • See if you can find anything out about the Gallyfern. Start by talking to Rosemunda.
  • Kill 5 Cronk Skitters for Rosemunda on the Black Shores of Cronk Island.
  • Return to Rosemunda.


  • 2 silver, 50 copper
  • 8750 XP
  • Uncommon Axe (different depending on the played class)



You "Your town is in peril! Hooligans are not a priority right now!" Viggo: "Maybe so... what do you need then?"

You "I need to learn everything I can about the criminal, Tarquin."

Viggo: "Did you see that! A young lass over there just slapped a new helmet together! Bah, hooligans!"

You "Forget the hooligans! Focus, old man!"

Viggo: "Don't you sass me! You're a hooligan! Go fetch a bar of Salamander Soap from Penelope. After you have thoroughly rinsed your hooligan mouth out with it, I'll tell you what I know."

You "Oh, all right, fine."

Viggo: "Get moving!"

Penelope: "You look awfully serious. Uh-oh. Is Hiccoughing Rhoda still mad at me for not voting for her to be mayor?"

You "Don't get me started on Rhoda..."

Penelope: "She's furious with everyone in Summer's Hollow, you know. And I mean furious!"

You "I've heard. But what I need right now is a bar of Salamander Soap. Can you give me one?"

Penelope: "I can't actually. Mayor Gummel insists that our town maintain a thriving economy, especially during this crisis. It will cost 15 copper."

You "I'll take it. Thank you!"

Penelope: "No problem."

You received Bar of Salamander Soap! You lose 15 copper.

You "Great, thank you."

Penelope: "No problem!"

Viggo: "Burp a bubble for me!"

You "[Eat the soap.]"

Viggo: "Is your mouth nice and clean now?"

You lost 1x Bar of Salamander Soap.

You "That was disgusting. Now please tell me what you know about Tarquin or Gallyfern Prison."

Viggo: "Tarquin was Mallok's Viceroy during the Shadow Years. He was a youth, steeped in the ways of dark magics by Mallok. He grew to be powerful and ruled the lands south of Mallok's Obsidian Tower."

You "And was Tarquin killed in the Great Battle or not?"

Viggo: "He was never heard from again, so he had to have been, but it's hard to say. So much carnage and mayhem on that final day. As for Gallyfern Prison? Baaah, never heard of it. Although..."

You "Although..."

Viggo: "There is a foul patch of land nearby called Cronk Island. The ghosts and ghouls who wander that wretched place sometimes whisper about a strange plant that grows there, the Gallyfern."

You "That is a start!" Viggo: "If you decide to visit that rotten island, find Rosemunda, a lass who wanders the black sanded shores there. She'll be your best bet at learning about the Gallyferns."

You "Thank you."

Viggo: "Good luck, <Player Name>."

Rosemunda: "I'll tread these shores forever if I must! If only...if only...he would forgive me! FORGIVE ME, LORCAN!"

You "I was told that the Gallyfern plant grows here. Do you know it?"

Rosemunda: "LORCAN...forgive me! I am sorry about your hand, and for, well, hacking it off. Oh, just come back to me, my love! Do you think he will?"

You "You hacked off his hand? Accidentally?"

Rosemunda: "No, deliberately. With a meat cleaver. But I am so sorry about it! LORCAN, forgive me!"

You "A meat cleaver. Gulp. Anyway, the Gallyfern?"

Rosemunda: "Maybe Lorcan has forgiven me, but he's just afraid of the Skitters nearby! Yes, that must be it! <Player Name>, go slay some of those Skitters, and then I will tell you about the Gallyfern."

You "Something tells me that won't solve your Lorcan problem, but I'm on it!"

Rosemunda: "This fine hero will save you, LORCAN! Then you can come back to me!"

Rosemunda: "Dare I hope? Did you perhaps run into my beloved Lorcan anywhere?"

You "No. But I did kill five Skitters, as you requested."

Rosemunda: "LORCAN, you can come out now! Those nasty Skitters are gone! He still wont come out...but a deal is a deal."

Gained 8750 experience!

You "Thank you, now what do you know about Gallyferns?"

Rosemunda: "This is an island of rot and disease, where nothing pure can grow. And yet, there is one plant that does thrive. The Gallyfern. Its blades glow with a silvery light that frightens the creatures here."

You "Where exactly on this island does the Gallyfern plant grow?"

Rosemunda: "How should I know? I never leave these shores! I vowed to Lorcan that I would wait here always for him."

You "But I need to know!"

Rosemunda: "Well, Lorcan has lived here for some time now. I'm sure he would know where the Gallyfern grows."

You "Then I need to find this one-handed Lorcan." Rosemunda: "Oh, please do! I'm sure he knows about the Gallyfern! And maybe you could ask him to forgive me? Tell him that my hacking days are behind me!"

Continued in: Where the Gallyfern Grows.