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Oil Fish, otherwise known as oily fish, is a material item in Villagers and Heroes. They are used for making Cooking Oil.


  • Oil Fish is obtained while fishing at fish nodes matching the name of the fish.
Level Name Description
1 Pond loach.png Pond Loach This slothful creature has a lethal bite, if disturbed while slumbering.
15 Tiger eel.png Tiger Eel Its dainty, purplish secretions are the favored ink of cartographers.
30 Greenfang shark.png Greenfang Shark Evil Mallok once kept a special pool of these elegantly devastating beasts.
45 Terrelli.png Saltscale Terrelli When eaten poached, can cause unpleasant allergies, particularly among Ice Wizards.
60 Ghosteyed trout.png Ghosteyed Trout Found in the depths of the Stone Lords caverns, these fish are believed to be completely blind.
75 Galaxias.png Spotted Galaxias The oil from these deceptive fish act as an antidote against truth serums.
90 Bigbelly hamachi.png Bigbelly Hamachi The favorite entree of ogres and trolls.