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Mutant is a race in Villagers & Heroes.

Habitats Rarely around the seven realms
Affiliations Mallok
Sapience Semi-Sapient

Mutant is another form of a race, created overtime, from physical experiences, genes and so on. Excamples of Human Mutants are the Owlbeak mutants such as the Clublords or Mutagen, Stone Mutants such as Windweaver or Lord Pyrrus, Undead such as the Zombie, Spectrals like Banshee or Soul, the Azar. Mutations are not limited to humans, as Nightmares and Spectrals are a thing and it is possible that most Zingaras have gone through this. Oogres are a mutant form of the Ogre and even Humans and Goblins are mutants as they originate from Neanderthal.

Other instances of Mutants might be Ghouls for Zombies, Golems for Gargoyles. This is not confirmed yet

Mutants are mobs wo will always stay at the same spot. When you are 5 levels higher or lower, they will not attack you anymore.

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