Mulgrew Swamp

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Mulgrew Swamp

Mulgrew Swamp
Type Dungeon
Level Range Scaled

Mulgrew Swamp is the fifth of 7 raid locations. It is added at December 15th, 2020.

Mulgrew Swamp Raid Map.png

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Bounties[edit | edit source]

Elder/Boss : Egan

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Upon switching the lever, you will start the raid and the timer starts.

  1. Forsaken Falls ➤Exit the Foyer
    • ➤Explore the Forsaken Falls
    • ➤Hunting Scavengers
    • ➤Explore the Toad Alcove (Bone Pile) (appears on level 10)
    • ➤ Defeat Depe (appears on level 10)
    • ➤Cook Depe’s Remains (Fire Pit) (appears on level 10)
    • ➤Defeat the Riverlord (appears on level 20)
    • ➤Explore the Skullhounds Den (Bone Pile) (appears on level 10)
    • ➤Defeat Laad (appears on level 20)
    • ➤Defeat Abbo (appears on level 35)
  2. Enter Black Hollow or Marrowmarsh➤Choose Black Hollow or Choose Marrowmarsh
        • Marrowmarsh Choice ➤Enter Marrowmarsh
          • ➤Continue to the Blighted Ravine
          • ➤Find an Explosive (in front of the waterfall)
          • ➤Explore Marrowmarsh
          • ➤Defeat Fisher (appears on level 10)
          • ➤Collect Toad Guts (Kill Toad Marsh)
          • ➤Burn the Toad Guts (Fire Pit) (appears on level 10)
          • ➤Defeat Fisher’s Mother (appears on level 20)
          • ➤Defeat Sawyer (appears on level 35)?
          • ➤Grab the Explosive
          • ➤Clear the Path to the Blighted Ravine (big rock explodes)
        • Blighted Ravine ➤Enter the Blighted Ravine
          • ➤Clear the Path to the Bloodshore
          • ➤Survive the Frog Swarm (1 minute)
  3. Enter Black Hollow or Marrowmarsh➤Choose Black Hollow or Choose Marrowmarsh
        • Black Hollow Choice ➤Enter Black Hollow Gate
          • ➤Continue to the Glittering Cavern
          • ➤Find an Explosive (in tent at the Underlord)
          • ➤Defeat 15 Cave Brutes
          • ➤Defeat the Underlord (appears on level 20)
          • ➤Clear the Path to the Glittering Cavern (big rock explodes, at sign)
        • Glittering Cavern ➤Enter the Glittering Cavern
          • ➤Journey through the Glittering Cavern
          • ➤Defeat Rocky (appears on level 20)
  4. Bloodshore ➤Enter the Bloodshore
    • ➤Defeat the Blood Crazed Brutes
  5. Red River ➤Enter the Red River
    • ➤Survive the Red River
  6. Egan’s Maw ➤Enter Egan’s Maw
    • ➤Defeat Egan

Extra Info[edit | edit source]

  • The higher Raid Level one has:
    • More bounties will appear and will need to be killed - or -
    • More missions to end before one can move on.