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Mold Fever
Level 56
Type Main quest
Location Sapphira's Lament

Mold Fever is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Tully has asked me to find some Gantheo Mold.




  • Find 4 scrapes of Gantheo Mold. Tully suggest I look around Kobold Camps in the Lament.


  • 37 silver
  • 43,3k XP
  • Nature Helm (different depending on the played class)


  • Kobold camps at E4, F/G3 and D2), with 2 chests/loose bricks: open and pick the Gantheo Mold. Wait 1 minute and pick another item, same with the other chest/loose bricks- quest can be done very fast.
  • Get 4 of them and return them to Tully to finish this quest and to get your reward.
  • When you have also finished: Bounty Master of Sapphira's Lament, he will give you the next main quest: A Gifted Chicken

Video Walkthrough

(All credits go to Famar)


Picking up the quest[]

Tully: "No payment needed, Hershey Pie. Anything to help Valuna. Poor thing. Oops! You didn't hear me say that. Here is some Ganthean Powder for you. Actually, maybe you do a favor for me as well?"

You: "What's that?"

Tully: "The special ingredient in the powder is a rare fungus mold called Gantheo. If you have the time, I'd love it if you could collect some more of it for me."

You: "Where would I find this rare fungus mold?"

Tully: "Well, that's why it's rare, Hershey Pie. But sometimes it can be found growing on bricks. Sometimes the Kobolds keep piles of bricks around, check around their camps, maybe you'll get lucky! Bring me four scrapings of Gantheo mold, and I'd be able to make more powder!"

You: "Okay, Tully, I will. And thanks for giving me your last batch of powder to give to Salermo."

Tully: "Bye!"