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Mistress Elsbeth
Mistress Elsbeth
Level Scaled
Health Scaled
Type Bounty, Venerable Boss
Attack Radius On Sight
Unique Drops None
Location Flooded Cloisters
Species Human

Mistress Elsbeth is a Bounty in Villagers & Heroes.




  • Can be different with every run:
    • Plagued: The enemy has been enchanted with poisons. When it dies it deals damage to all nearby enemies equal to 75% of their current life.
    • Arcane Enchanted: This enemy takes 30% less damage drom magical attacks.
    • Brawler: When this enemy is below 30% life, it attacks 60% faster and its critical strikes deal 100% more damage.
    • Thorns: This enemy has been enchanted, causing attackers to be dealt 10% of the damage they deal.
    • Massive: This enemy has 50% increased health and size.
    • Steeled: This enemy takes 30% less damage from physical attacks.

(can be others)


  • Heals quickly


  • None

Extra Info[]

  • All the minions close to her will help her.