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Midsummer's Crusade
Level Scaled
Type Event quest
Location Twilight Vale

Midsummer's Crusade is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Aslori has asked me to kill all of the members of the council of the Five Fae. He says that they use ladder defence, and in order to reach subsequent fairies, I have to kill the one before it.


  • None



  • Defeat Turenia in the Vale of Light. I can get to Turenia by finding the Twilight Stone
  • Defeat Eldelia in the Vale of Light. I can get to Eldelia by defeating Turenia.
  • Defeat Rakicia in the Vale of Light. I can get to Rakicia by defeating Eldelia.
  • Defeat Anosia in the Vale of Light. I can get to Anosia by defeating Rakicia.
  • Defeat Vesesia in the Vale of Light. I can get to Vesesia by defeating Anosia.
  • Return to Aslori.



  • You reach the first member of the council, Turenia, by touching the Twilight Stone in the map, located at F1.
  • Ladder fight - Required to defeat each boss before being teleported to the next. First area is entered by touching the Twilight Stone in the northeast corner of the map F2.
    • Turenia - Vale of Light, rewards Turenia's Chest. Consumable. Contains common goodies from the Midsummer's Eve Event. (e.g. Star Crumpet)
    • Eldelia - Vale of Poison. Rewards Eldelia's Chest. Contains uncommon goodies from the Midsummer's Eve Event. (e.g. Dandelion Spirits)
    • Rakicia - Vale of Shadow. Rewards Rakicia's Chest. Contains rare goodies from the Midsummer's Eve Event. (e.g. Moon Crumpet)
    • Anosia - Vale of Fire. Rewards Anosia's Chest. Contains very rare goodies from the Midsummer's Eve Event. (e.g. Fairy Dust)
    • Vesesia - Vale of Water. Rewards Vesasia's Chest. Contains premium goodies from the Midsummer's Eve Event. (e. g Fairy Socket)
  • Return to Aslori once you killed the requested amount to receive your reward.


You "What is this place?"

Aslori: "It is a vale in the middle of Greenhaven forests. Where exactly... nobody knows."

You "If nobody knows, then how am I here?"

Aslori: "As you can see, this place it teeming with magical energies. Every year around the Summer Solstice, the vale simply cannot contain itself. The magic creates a portal of its own volition, and that is how you got here"

You "What made this place?" Aslori: "The council of the Five Fae. Working together and combining their powers, they created this magical place to live in, and to practice trickery."

You "Are the council of the Five Fae still alive?"

Aslori: "Quite. They are here in the vale now. Vesesia, Anosia, Rakicia, Eldelia, and Turenia. One fairy for each of the five types of fae."

You "You said they practice trickery?"

Aslori: "Oh yes, they bring a bad time to any who enter their vale, including our little humble community of gnomes. In fact, maybe you could help us..."

You "I certainly could! How can I help?"

Aslori: "Could you defeat the council of the Five Fae? If you did we would be ever grateful to you, and would of course reward you handsomely."

You "I would... but how do you get these fairies? I don't see any of them around."

Aslori: "Yes, the fae use what is called ladder defense. They have hidden themselves away in their secret vales. To get to one, you must defeat the prior one. To begin their ladder, you must find the ancient Twilight Stone and touch it."

You "And what happens after I touch the stone?"

Aslori: "The magic of the vale will transport you to the first council member."

You "Sounds simple enough."

Aslori: "It isn't. You cannot move forward through the ladder without defeating the prior fairy."

You "That sounds rough! I still think I can do it though."

Aslori: "Thank you, <Player Name>! And good luck to you!"

Aslori: "How is your battle against the coucil of the Five Fae going?"

You "I have defeated all five of the council members!"

Aslori: "That is wonderful, <Player Name>! Thank you so much! Their trickery will hopefully be slowed, if not stopped all together!"

Gained 10 copper. Gained 40 experience! Gained 5460 experience!