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Meds for Mutants
Level 75
Type Main quest
Location Keppel Cavern

Meds for Mutants is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

I need to find a cure for all the people who have been experimented on in Keppel Cavern and turned into mutants. Florizel gave me a tissue sample, a mystically spliced ear lobe, and said that a biologist named Humphrey might be able to help me.

Be sure to return to Florizel for some bonus rewards.




  • I need to go to The Crystal Spire, and give the mystical Spliced Ear Lobe to Humphrey.
  • Talk to Petra in The Drom.
  • Find Sumpter in The Corkle Woods.
  • Find Helios in the Sanctorium, and give him the mystically Spliced Ear Lobe.
  • Obtain a Key of Pyrron ... [Missing]
  • Go inside the Forbidden Tower.
  • Defeat Abergavenny and collect his half of the remedy.
  • Defeat Mutagen, the creature that was once Imogen. Collect her half of the remedy.
  • Get both parts of the Mutant Remedy.
  • Return to Ragazine.


  • 54 silver
  • 2,3m XP
  • Uncommon Hunter Boots (different depending on the played class)

Bonus from Florizel:

  • 25 Animal Treat
  • Eucalyptus Luckinium
  • 3 Socket


This is a chain quest:



: "I dreamed I saw muddy footprints last night. They were dainty, but quite large. Or maybe I was awake. What do you think?"

You "Petra, Humphrey in the Crystal Spires said you might be able to help me. Pyrrus is doing terrible experiments to innocent people in Keppel Cavern. He's mystically splicing them with dead monsters, and now they are mutants. I'm trying to find a cure for them. I've got a tissue sample for you, a spliced ear lobe. Can you help me?"

: "I'm sorry, <player_name>, but my cataracts have gotten worse over the years. You need a biologist with first rate vision to study that mystically spliced ear lobe. Give it to Sumpter in The Corkle Woods. He's top notch with tissue samples!"

You "Sumpter. Corkle Woods. Got it. Thanks, Petra. Bye!"

: "Good luck!"


"I've got the nibbles."

1 You "And I've got a mystically spliced ear lobe to show you, Sumpter. Petra said you've got a pair of sharp eyes, and might be able to study this tissue sample so I can find a cure for all the mutants in Keppel Cavern."

"Petra was mistaken. I do have sharp eyes, but I'm no scientist, just an aged rat who used to belong to a scientist named Helios. That's who you want. These days you can find Helios in the Sanctorium. Give him the ear lobe. He's a clever little bloke."

You "Helios in the Sanctorium. Will do. Later."

"Good luck!"

2 You "Don't eat me please."

"Ughh never you probably taste like you have been all over Ardent"


"Mowbray knows nothing about the scientific method, or how to collect data and verify facts! The Legendary Five? What hogwash!"

1 You "Helios! You're just the scientist I'm looking for. I need you to study this mystically spliced ear lobe, and help me to find a cure for the mutants in Keppel Cavern. And please don't tell me to go give it to someone else."

"No no no! Don't give it to someone else! Give the ear lobe to me!"

You "Finally! Someone to take this thing!"

"Thank you. I've been in dire need of an ear lobe ever since Abergavenny punished me for not listening to him drone on the other day. He sliced off my right ear, he did! Why do you think I wear these bandages?"

You "That's terrible. Hey, wait a sec, you're going to keep that ear lobe for your own personal use? But I need your help! I've got to find a remedy for all the poor mutants."

"I already created the remedy. I went against Abergavenny's orders just to spite him. But then he found out, and seized the remedy, split it in two, and took a few more of my body parts while he was at it. Abergavenny now has half, and Mutagen the other. You'll have to defeat them both if you want it."

You "Mutagen... The re-animated monster that is Pyrrus' dead bride? Oh boy... Do you at least know where in the tower Abergavenny has the remedy?"

"He probably has it on him. But even though Abergavenny doesn't have wings, he can fly. Keep that in mind. And if by some miracle you don't get killed fighting those two, give the remedy parts to my friend, Ragozine. He'll get it to the mutants in Keppel Cavern for you."

You "Thanks. Bye."

"Good luck, <player_name>."

You lost 1x Spliced Ear Lobe.

2 You "I'm sure it is a disgrace."

"It is!"


"I don't think you are supposed to be here..."

You "Probably not."

"Don't you know Imogen is right over there! THE IMOGEN!!"

Ragozine - Turning in quest

"You did it, <player_name>! At last you have found the remedy which will cure all of us who have been mystically spliced with other creatures!"

You "I have both halves of the remedy."

"Give them to me, and I will see to it that every mutant in Keppel Cavern, and everywhere else, is restored to their former selves."

You "Here you go, Ragozine! And please tell Lapoose that he can happily go back to Shiverspine now. Farewell!"

"Thank you so much, <player_name>!"

You lost 1x Right Half of the Mutant Remedy. You lost 1x Left Half of the Mutant Remedy. Gained 2.3m experience!


"Thank you again, <player_name>. I have already started handing out the medicine. Everyone sends their thanks."

You "I'm glad I could help."

Returning to Florizel

"You did it, <Player Name> ! You saved the mutants!"

You "I did, it was a long journey, but it was worth it to help all of these poor mutants."

"Well I am glad you did. I think that is what Imogen would have wanted. I also think Imogen would have wanted you to be rewarded."

You "I like rewards!"

"Take these few things, it is the least I can do on behalf of the mutants."