Mayoral Madness
Level 6
Type Main quest
Location Marigold Harbor

Mayoral Madness is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Lothar told me that he's been giving Rhoda Tuskermoon Poker lessons at night, and as a result Rhoda has been taking a lot of money from a woman named Itzella. In exchange for the lessons, Rhoda told Lothar that she would appoint him Gaming Commissioner of Summer's Hollow after the next mayoral election. Hmmm. Why is Rhoda so sure she will win the next election?




  • Find and talk to Itzella in Marigold Marina.
  • Find Piper, Itzella's husband somewhere in Marigold.
  • Stand near the wishing well.
  • Return to Itzella and see if she saw the shadowy figure.
  • Return to Tanaquil in Summer's Hollow, which I can get to by going back through Dagmar Strand.


  • 2 silver
  • 25,2k XP
  • Rare Shaman Armor (different depending on the played class)


  • Talk to Itzella and ask about Rhoda. She also wants you to find Piper, her husband. Go to the right on the stairs at F3.
  • Piper needs help, and tells me to stand close to the wishing well. And again that strange apparition appears and disappears.
  • Talk to Itzella and ask her about the shadowy figure but she didn't see anything.
  • Return to Tanaquil in Summer's Hollow, and tell him all you have learned about Rhoda's activities.
  • Keep talking to her to get the follow up quest: Old Ramblings.


Itzella: "Oh, I won't do it! I won't! My husband sent you here, didn't he? Well, I won't join one of those help groups for gambling addicts, I won't do it!"

You "So you have a bit of a problem then?"

Itzella: "Of course not! I had one bad little streak, that's all it was. But she just kept winning! I had no choice but to give it to her!"

You "Rhoda? What did you give to her?"

Itzella: "Yes, Rhoda! She's a little card shark! First she cleaned me out of all my gold, and then she demanded I give her my grandfather's coin as payment for the rest of my debt."

You "How much was the coin worth?"

Itzella: "It wasn't just any coin, it was an Eternal Coin and priceless! Not to mention it was a family heirloom! My husband is furious."

You "Maybe we can get it back from Rhoda?"

Itzella: "No, that's impossible because as soon as Rhoda got the coin she threw it into the wishing well! So now it's gone forever."

You "Hmm. I wonder what she wished for."

Itzella: "Oh, everyone knows the well is just a myth, it doesn't actually grant wishes. If it did, Dumpy Donalda wouldn't still have a peg leg, now would she?"

You "Dumpy Donalda again. So did Rhoda say anything when she threw the coin into the well?"

Itzella: "Yes! I heard her whisper that she would never forgive the citizens of Summer's Hollow for not voting for her to be mayor."

You "Oh, my. Well, thank you, Itzella. And sorry for your loss."

Itzella "If you were really sorry, maybe you could talk to my husband for me? Maybe smooth things over a bit?"

You "Well, I suppose I could try."

Itzella: "Oh, thank you, <Player Name>!"

Piper: "Quiet now! I'm working on something!"

You "I'm here to talk about what Itzella did. She's awfully sorry."

Piper: "Well, she needn't be! My wife's penchant for gambling and losing turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to us! We'll be rich!"

You "How does one get rich from losing?"

Piper: "After she lost our family's eternal coin, I came to look for it and noticed the wishing well is full, and I mean FULL of coins. So much so, that the well is now fully blocked."

You "And that is a good thing?"

Piper: "Yes! I've been pumping more and more water into the well, and the pressure is building! I think we may be in for a show."

You "Exciting!"

Piper: "Now go stand near the well!"

You "Did you see that? That ghostly figure?"

Itzella: "A ghost? Haha, no! You are just trying to scare us away from all our gold! Look, I even found my eternal coin!"

You "I'm glad. I just swore I saw something..."

Itzella: "Maybe the wishing well really does have some power, I got my wish after all!"

You "I better report back. Best keep away from Rhoda in the meantime."

Itzella: "You don't have to tell me, <Player Name>! Thank you for everything."

Tanaquil: "Soon there will be nobody left at all in Summer's Hollow! They're all vanishing! Did you find out anything about Rhoda?"

You "[Tell her all you've learned.]"

Tanaquil: "You're making my stomach hurt. How awful! So you really think Rhoda could be the miscreant?"

Gained 25.2k experience!

You "If that wishing well works, then it is very likely."

Tanaquil: "I am greatly saddened by this news. But if it's true, she must be stopped. Oh, that reminds me!" You "What is it?"

Tanaquil: "I was cleaning near the stables earlier and I overheard Viggo rambling about 'Tarquin'." You "The man the Miscreant wishes to be freed?"

Tanaquil: "Indeed. Viggo has been around a long time. He's grumpy and cantankerous, but knows a great deal about the past. You should talk to him."

Continued in: Old Ramblings.

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