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Clarity can be any of the following in Villagers & Heroes:

Mastery as a Rune[]

Grants x% to Mastery for your subclass.


  • Mastery can be found on Class Tokens, Gloves, Necklaces, and Weapons.
Name Description
Marksman mastery.png Reinforce: Marksman Mastery Grants x% to Marksman Mastery.
Nature mastery.jpg Reinforce: Nature Mastery Grants x% to Nature Mastery.
Holy mastery.jpg Reinforce: Holy Mastery Grants x% to Holy Mastery.
Priest shadowblast.png Reinforce: Shadow Mastery Grants x% to Shadow Mastery.
Earthen mastery.jpg Reinforce: Earth Mastery Grants x% to Earth Mastery.
Water mastery.jpg Reinforce: Water Mastery Grants x% to Water Mastery.
FurySpellPower.jpg Reinforce: Fury Mastery Grants x Fury Mastery.
LightningSpellPower.jpg Reinforce: Lightning Mastery Grants x% to Lightning Mastery.
Fire mastery.jpg Reinforce: Fire Mastery Grants x% to Marksman Mastery.
Spell wizard deepFreeze.png Reinforce: Ice Mastery Grants x% to Marksman Mastery.

Mastery as a Stat[]

Mastery is absolutely essential for every class in the game. It determines the strength of nearly every ability in your arsenal.


  • Mastery can be found either as a native stat or as a reinforcement rune. Mastery can be found on Class Tokens, Gloves, Necklaces, and Weapons.
  • Mastery can be further increased for a time using Drams of Mastery, each subclass's 40 point talent, various class abilities, and some Glyph Abilities.


  • Mastery has a hidden pool value with the same name. You may increase the Mastery stat directly (with Glyph Abilities, Raid Relics, and each subclass's 40-point talent) or indirectly (via the pool value). Most increases to Mastery will be indirect. Be sure to distinguish between the two, asking some of the more seasoned players if you have questions.
  • Any bonuses that give x% bonus to Ability Power stacks additively with Mastery. For example, a 15% Mastery plus a 7% Ability Power boost from Poise will give you a 15% + 7% = 22% increase to Ability Power. If Ability Power was at 122% before the boost, then the new Ability Power will be 122% + 22% = 144%. No longer true as of the stat rework (See the patch notes for Patch 4.50 for details[1]).