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The Seven Realms is a mystical land, filled with beautiful landscapes, breathtaking cities, heinous evils, and honorable resistances. The Seven Realms derives its name from its seven distinct dominions, four eastern (Ardent, Stormhold, Greenhaven, Sunkentooth), and three western (Thorncrest, Halcyon, Glittermore).

The Seven Realms[]

All Seven Realms have their fates bound to one another, as there are more dangerous powers in the world that could bring darkness to all.

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The Legendary Four[]

There was a time when the vast land stood silent. The bustling of traders or the laughter of friendly guilds was not to be heard, nor did spinning wheels busily creak, or hammers tap cheerily away. It was a time of stark isolation and division, when ancient secrets were fiercely guarded, and distrust of outsiders ran deep. Consequently, the mighty Warriors remained aloof atop the mountains, the spry Hunters kept to themselves in the forest, the mysterious Wizards stayed deep below in the caverns of the earth, and the noble Priests sequestered themselves along the white pebbled shores of the sea.

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The Seven Realms contain a large varieties of races and species. Below is a full list of all races in Villagers & Heroes.

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Below is a list of all in-game factions, alliances, nations, etc.

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