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Lord Pyrrus
Lord Pyrrus
Level 75
Health 2m
Type Elder Boss
Attack Radius On Sight
Unique Drops Elder fragment: Legendary Sapphire Essence
Location Pyrrus' Solar
Species Human

Lord Pyrrus is an Elder Boss in Villagers & Heroes.



  • None


  • 15% Defense Breach, Summoner, AOE, Massive Regeneration.
  • Wields Mutagen's mutant regeneration, Dijarra's flame wave and Skarn's rune of stone.
  • Burning Slowness: You are burning - Duration: 10 seconds.
  • Turned to Stone: You cannot move or attack - Duration: 1' 30".
  • Crushed: Unable to move, attack, use abilities and all damage taken is increased by 20%. Duration: 5"
  • Some can be ignored, others must be killed.


  • Resistant to Physical, Magical
  • Heals quickly


Extra Info[]

+Next he summons Zebudon and Argon.

  • Mutagen is wife of Lord Pyrrus, but also hates him. Mutagen was first just a normal human married to Pyrrus, but Mutagen blew up somehow. Pyrrus was crushed by sadness, and ordered his goons and scientists to rebuild her.