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A Lolly-Gram is an item which players can give to other players or themselves.

A Lolly-Gram is a special package that you create. You select the greeting, the message, how you sign off and the candy that comes with it. You can then either open it yourself, or give it to a friend. It is up to you!

This is part of a quest but can also be made outside of the quest as may times as you wish during the Sugarsweet Summit event.




  • Buy a Lolly-Gram Ticket from a vendor in Sugarsweet Summit at D5.
  • Talk to one of the four Lolly-Gram makers at the Bonbon Bazaar D5 (above the cave).
  • You'll receive a package from the Lolly-Gram maker.
  • Send the package in a mail to another player, trade it with another player or open it yourself by double clicking the package.
  • Double clicking a Lolly-Gram package will extract its note and gift and add them to your inventory.

Dialogue and choices[]

  • I would like to create a Lolly-Gram.
  • Excellent! The cost will be one Lolly-gram Ticket, which I will take at the end. Shall we begin?
    1. Yes, let's create a Lolly-Gram!
    2. I need to cancel.
  • First of all, how would you like the Lolly-Gram to be Addressed?
    1. To my Sweetheart
    2. To my Friend
    3. I need to cancel.
  • Great! And what would you like the message to be?
    1. You are so special to me, and I an glad you are in my life.
    2. I have so much fun with you. I count myself lucky to be your friend.
    3. You are a wonderful person, and I really appreciate you.
    4. Thank you for being the loving and caring friend you are.
    5. I hope you have a fantastic day filled with joy.
    6. I want you to know how truly dear you are to me. I am so grateful for you.
    7. You rock! I am so glad that I know you!
    8. I need to cancel.
  • Wonderful! And how would you like to sign it?
    1. Your Secret Admirer
    2. Your Friend
    3. Your beloved
    4. I need to cancel.
  • Great choice! And would you like to include as a gift: a Sweet Macaron which grants three charges of Clockwork Harvesting? Or a Grape Lollipop which grants increased ability power?
    1. A Grape Lollipop please.
    2. A Sweet Macaron please.
    3. I need to cancel.