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A Lolly-Gram Ticket is an item in Sugarsweet Summit.

Take this to any Lolly-Gram maker in Sugarsweet Summit. It will allow you to create one Lolly-gram.



A Lolly-Gram Ticket can either be acquired as a drop from killing bounties/zingara or purchased at the vendors at E5 in the cavern or D5 in the summit (at the Bonbon Bazaar) in Sugarsweet Summit.


  • Get the quest A Delicious Time of Year from Adanna by the portal. The quest requires you to make a Lolly-Gram for which you need a Lolly-Gram Ticket.
  • When you have a Lolly-Gram Ticket, talk to one of the Lolly-Gram makers at Bonbon Bazaar.
  • Return to Adanna when all the tasks in the quest have been completed to finish the quest and collect the rewards.