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Learned in Covigne Lore
Level 89
Type Main quest
Location Zorian Marshlands

Learned in Covigne Lore is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Now that I know several facts about Covigne, I should return and tell Prescott as I promised .




  • Return to Prescott in the Zorian Marshlands.
  • Once three days has passed and Lysander is feeling better, return to Nadia and tell her all you've learned of the Zorian Marshlands.


  • 68 silver
  • 390k XP
  • Rare Priest Glove (different depending on the played class)


  • Run to Prescott and tell him the facts he needs to know about Covigne (B/C2).
  • Wait 3 days, Real Life days, talk to Nadia again B4
  • This ends the quest but keep talking to her to get the follow up quest: Crunch Time.


Prescott: "Did you find me three interesting facts about Covigne?"

You "Yes!"

Prescott: "Thank goodness, because the wrath of the four bounty hunters at not finding their prey is getting worse. The screeching of that beast Hox, just gave me shivers! I'd like to go home now! What did you learn?"

You "[Tell him everything.]"

Prescott: "What interesting facts! Thank you, Miss Never! And now I need to get cracking on this article!"

You "Sounds good."

Prescott: "So long!"

Nadia: "Lysander is feeling much better! Thank you for allowing him to heal. Now, did you learn more about what makes these stinking swamps so valuable?"

You "[Tell her everything.]"

Nadia: "Fantastic research, <Player Name>. You always come through for us. And now, to more pressing matters. Just this morning, Lysander's fever dropped and he started making sense again."

You "What did he say?"

Nadia: "That Queen Zoria's Orb of Tanzine is, or was, in his possession, and that it mustn't fall into the hands of the bounty hunters! So he hid it here in the Marshlands."

You "Then we must retrieve it!"

Nadia: "Right you are. And then we must leave this blasted place, once and for all." You "How can I help?"

Nadia: "Talk to Lysander and find out where he hid the orb, then retrieve it. Meanwhile, Xiphi and I will begin escorting Lysander out of the marsh and into the Crux. You can meet us after you have the Orb of Tanzine."

Continued in: Crunch Time.