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Level 90
Health 53,3m
Type Elder Boss
Attack Radius On Sight
Unique Drops Lannox's Chest (gold), Lannox's Satchel (silver), Lannox's Bag (bronze), Lannox's Pouch (No Tier)
Location Zorian Bountylands
Species Trow

Lannox is an Elder Boss in Villagers & Heroes.




  • Gift of Mallok: Health, Regeneration, and Damage scaled to fight against x players. (x is 5 or greater)
  • Bolstered: This enemy cannot be stunned, snared, slowed, dazed or crushed.
  • Curse of the Murderer: Is it okay to murder a murderer? attackers take 25% of the damage they deal. Lannox does not regenerate health while in combat.
  • Bloodlust (from murdering brindles): Damage dealt increased by 45% per charge, damage taken reduced by 3% per charge, and attack speed increased by 5% per charge.


  • Heals quickly


Extra Info

  • Doing extra damage while he goes after a brindle and tries to kill it can prevent him from killing a brindle, and make the fight quicker. Self buffs on gear can help do this while he is in that mode. The more brindles he kills the more resistance he has to taking damage.
  • There are 5 brindles in the arena with Lannox: Merten, Marlis, Otes, Melly, and Vondie. Once all 5 are murdered by Lannox, each successive attempt to murder will simply increase the buff immediately. Therefore, it is very important that you either kill Lannox before that happens or do not allow Lannox to kill all the brindles.