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Lake Kiwa

Lake Kiwa
Type Valley
Level Range level free
Location Mainland Ardent

Lake Kiwa is a zone in Villagers & Heroes.

Two icy streams deluge from the heights of the Stormhold Mountains forming this natural lake and beautiful landscape. Here a quiet community works tirelessly to keep the lake and surrounding area free from harm, where they can craft and gather in peace.

Extra Info

  • This zone is a gathering zone for level 10-29.


  • Erendallia Tool Vendor D4
  • Irondia Grips and Thread E4
  • Geri D4
  • Kinom E5
  • Maja E4
  • Nadeu, Tool Vendor E5
  • Peregrin Valdir, COG Supply Distributor E5
  • Siggara Mounts Vendor C2/3
  • Simonides Ela, COG Quartermaster E4
  • Tanix C7
  • Tiaton Buckles and Hobnails E4
  • Therin D3
  • Vordela Helm Clasps E4


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Crafting Stations

Gather Nodes