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There are several types of items in game; e.g. quest items, crafting items, gardening items and ranching items.

Items are also of different rarity and quality. They can also have restrictions to whom can use them as well as have a time limit or be zone specific.

Rarity / Quality[]

The rarity/quality of items is divided into six categories, indicated by background colour:

Inferior item

Inferior items Usually gear or useless drop.

Shown with grey text.

Common item

Common items Most items belong to this category.

They have no colour background.

Uncommon item

Uncommon items Shown against a green background.

Rare item

Rare items Shown against a blue background.

Epic item

Epic items Shown against a purple background.

Legendary item

Legendary items Shown against an orange background.


All items belong to one of three types of bindings:

  • Soulbound - Only the character who got the item can use it.
  • Account bound - The item can be used by any of your account's characters on the same server.
  • Unbound - The item can be used by you or traded/given/sold to other players and used by them.

Items can in some cases change bindings; e.g. dropped gear is unbound until it is equipped, then it becomes soulbound.

Other item types[]

Quest item

Quest items Any item that is necessary to complete a quest.

Shown against a red background.

Check list at Quest Item.

Premium item

Premium Items These are often items given in the calendar, bought in the shop or given as rewards or in giveaways.

They have a turquoise background.

Craftable items[]

These items can be be made at the different crafting stations and in some cases bought at vendors. You can see all recipes and how to make items in the Knowledge Book feature. Click "B" on PC to pull up the Book. This feature is not available on mobile.

  • Consumables (e.g. potions, pies etc.) Check list at Cooked Items.
  • Crafting ingredients (e.g. ingots, leather etc.)
  • Preparations (e.g. resin etc.)
  • Tool upgrades (e.g. a wooden spoon can be bought at a tool vendor and then upgraded at the cooking station)
  • Gear (has different runes to dropped gear)

Dropped items[]

These are dropped by mobs and bosses when killed.

  • Epic Elder fragments (used to make Elder gear)
  • Gear (has different runes to crafted gear)
  • Crafting ingredients (e.g. pelts, fleece)
  • Zogs

Event items[]

These can be quest items, dropped/crafted/bought consumables, and Sockets. Unlike other items these are only available during events and will automatically be removed from your inventory when the event ends.

For example:

Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp is a rare, craftable item only available during the Twilight Vale event. You have to make them to complete the quests Midsummer Snacking and More and More Snacking during the event.

The recipe for Apple Crisps will only be available at the cooking station during the event and the crisps made are soulbound.

Some items can also only be used in an event zone, e.g. the jumping spell dropped by Druda in The Haunted Moors.

Check list at Event Quest Item.

Ranching items[]

These items constitutes of animals and ranching tools. They can be bought at your house by clicking on the sign by your animal pen.

Garden items[]

These items constitutes of seeds, which can be bought at your house by clicking on the sign by your garden.

Check list at Garden Plants.