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Itchy Little Pygmy
Level 56
Type Main quest
Location Sapphira's Lament

FItchy Little Pygmy is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Salerno wants some special powder for his itchy face.





  • 37 silver
  • 43,3k XP
  • Uncommon Priest Gloves (different depending on the played class)


Video Walkthrough

(All credits go to Famar)


Picking up quest[]

Salermo: "You again? No ID, no entry."

You: "I don't want to go in. Salermo, what's a tropical Pygmy like you doing in the middle of the Stormhold, in a cave no less?"

Salermo: "The Ministers of Culture wanted to please Lord Pyrrus. Imogen loved the tropics, so they designed the graveyard to reflect that. I'm their 'authentic touch.' Lucky me."

You "And who was Imogen?"

Salermo: "Lord Pyrrus' one and only true love. She's been dead a long, long, time. And by the way, I'm not a tour guide, pal. No ID, no entry, no info!"

You: "Well, actually, I'm more interested in acquiring a piece of your tropical decor here. Valuna is homesick. How much for something like a sea shell? Do you have something like that?"

Salermo: "You already know my price, and gold it isn't."

You: "Another riddle? Fine. Ask me."

Salermo: "When a rooster lays an egg, does the egg lean to the east or west?"

You: "Roosters don't lay eggs..."

Salermo: "Correct! You are getting better at this... But I lied again. I won't give you any sea shells unless you help me with something first. My mask is itchy."

You: "I really don't want to scratch your head for you, Salermo."

Salermo: "Good. Because I don't want you to either. I want some Ganthean Powder to make my head and face not itch anymore. Go get me some. The Brindles make it, whenever they're not too busy complaining about being oppressed. They keep it in that special dead tree of theirs."

You: "Why do they keep it there?"

Salermo:: "Do I look like a Brindle? I don't know, ask Tully."

You: "Oh, all right. I'll bring you some Ganthean Powder, but in return I'd like one of those sea shells please. For real. No tricks this time, Salermo!"

Salermo: "Bliddy bloo blah... demanding humans."

Talking to Tully[]

Tully: "Hello, again. Did I just see you scratching your neck?"

You "No. But speaking of itching. I need some Ganthean Powder to give to Salermo. Can you help me with that, Tully? Is that the dead tree you keep it in?"

Tully: "I'm hiding it in there because it's the last of our reserves. The Badlands are an itchy place, and we Brindles long ago came up with a special recipe for a medicine to stop our scratching. But Pyrrus' two Ministers of Weapons and Armament became fascinated with the ingredients in our powder."

You "Go on..."

Tully: "So they confiscated all of our supplies, and are doing experiments in the Apothecary with them because they're trying to make a new kind of weapon. A dust that can be sprinkled in the sky and that will hurt everyone who breathes it in."

You "Oh, no! That's terrible!"

Tully: "These are dark times. And I'm not just saying that because I'm blind."

You "I know you're not, Tully. So listen! Valuna might have a plan about how to thwart Pyrrus. I'll know more after I get some items for her, one of which Salermo has. That's why I need the Ganthean Powder. May I please have some, Tully? I can pay you."

Tully: "No payment needed, <player_name>. Anything to help Valuna. Poor thing. Oops! You didn't hear me say that. Here is some Ganthean Powder for you. Actually, maybe you do a favor for me as well?"

[See Mold Fever]

Completing the quest[]

Salermo: "What looks like half an apple?"

You: "The other half. No more riddles, Salermo! Here is some Ganthean Powder for you. Now may I please have a tropical sea shell?"

Salermo: "No."