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Roles Damage dealer, Minor support
Primary Gear Bows
Elder Celestia – Daughter of the Forest

Hunter is one of the playable classes in Villagers and Heroes.

Protector of majestic forests and earthly soil, The Hunter, acutely in tune with all of Nature’s living creatures, is the harmonious guardian of the woods. With elegantly crafted bows and powerfully enchanted arrows, these masters of archery can further call upon their animal friends in the forest and even the trees themselves to enhance their own abilities or those of their allies. With the swiftness of a stag, the strength of a bear, or the mysterious healing powers of the natural earth, The Hunter confounds all enemies. Ancient lore holds that the arrows of Celestia, elder of The Hunters and daughter of a star, were guided by the wind itself.

Specializations & Talents[]

Hunter talents are grouped into the Marksman, Survival and Nature specializations. All the below numbers assume rank 1 of the talent - see the Talent Builder for accurate values per level! When a talent is upgraded completely, it unlocks an Ultimate ability - these abilities can be both active and passive, and grant powerful advantages.


More on precision, speed, and immensely powerful arrows capable of annihilating with a single shot, characterize Marksman.

Talent Ranks Ultimate
Talent hunter 0.jpg Lethality 5 4% of your Marksman Mastery is added to your Critical Damage. Ultimate hunter 0.jpg Sap Crippling Shot now additionally stuns target for 6 seconds.
Talent hunter 1.jpg Deadly Aim 10 Your marksman shots have a 20% chance to give you Deadly Aim, causing your next shot to be fired to deal 40% increased damage. Ultimate hunter 1.png Dash You inspire all nearby allies, boosting run speed and mounted speed by 10% for 10 minutes. Can be cast while mounted or while invisible.
Talent hunter 2.jpg Debilitating Shots 20 Your marksman shots caused your target to attack 1% slower and deal 0.5% less damage for 10 seconds. Ultimate hunter 2.jpg Tricks of the Trade Every time you Critically Strike with a Marksman Feat, you restore 5% of your Maximum Mana.
ShowThemHow.png Show Them How 35 Slowing Shot, Crippling Shot and Wounding Shot have a 0,5% chance to grant all nearby allies 25% increased Attack Speed and Cooldown Rate for 5 seconds. Vengeance.png Vengeance Murder gains 20% increased chance to critically strike, its health threshold is increased to 50% and if you land a killing blow with it, all of your feats are immediately refreshed.
Talent hunter 3.jpg Trained Marksman 40 Increased your Marksman Power by 1%, Ultimate hunter 3.jpg Expose Weakness Every instance of physical damage dealt increases your Marksman Mastery total increases by 0.5%.


Graceful and calculating, able to quickly dodge blows while dealing damage or ensnaring foes, exemplify Survival.

Talent Ranks Ultimate
EndlessQuiver.png Endless Quiver 35 Your regular attacks have a 3% chance to reduce the remaining cooldown of a random feat by 3 seconds. WildernessTools.png Wilderness Tools On activating your Hunting Knife, you instantly restore 100% Total Health and Total Mana. This effect can occur once every 3 minutes.
Talent hunter 4.jpg Missile Insight 20 You take 2.5% reduced damage from ranged missile attacks. Ultimate hunter 4.jpg Graceful Reflexes You take half as much damage from critical strikes and they will never Daze, Stun, or Crush you.
Talent hunter 5.jpg Barbed Heads 20 Your feats that are single target shots deal 1% increased damage. Ultimate hunter 5.png Steady You inspire all nearby allies, boosting Masteries by 10% for 10 minutes. Can be cast while mounted or while invisible.
Talent hunter 6.jpg Snaring Expertise 15 Enemies that damage you move 5% slower for 5 seconds. Ultimate hunter 6.jpg Adapt While below 15% of your Maximum Mana, you gain 50% increased Attack Speed.
Talent hunter 7.jpg Resourcefulness 15 Your Health and base Maximum Health are increased by 1%. Your Maximum Mana is increased by 50. Ultimate hunter 7.jpg Cunning 30% of your Mana Regen is added to your Health Regen. 30% of your Health Regen is added to your Mana Regen.


Drawing on the roaring power of the forest, Nature excels in the art of lethal poisons and invigorating healing spells.

Talent Ranks Ultimate
Talent hunter 8.jpg Virulent Quiver 5 Your nature shots have a 35% chance to Envenom your target, dealing 40% standard level nature damage over 6 seconds. Envenom's damage is boosted by your Nature Power. Ultimate hunter 8.jpg Paralyzing Toxins Your nature shots that deal damage also slow your targets move speed by 45% for 5 seconds.
Talent hunter 9.jpg Tranquility 10 Performing a nature feat grants you a charge of Tranquility, boosting your Nature Mastery by 0.5% for 10 seconds. Tranquility can stack up to 3 times, each stack multiplying the effect and refreshing duration. Ultimate hunter 9.png Gift of the Dryad Nature magic heals an ally for 172 health over 8 seconds while also increasing Mana Regen by 72 for 20 seconds.
Talent hunter 10.jpg One With the Wild 20 Your nature feats have a 20% chance to grant you a 10% standard level absorb shield for 20 seconds. The strength of the shield is boosted by your Nature Mastery. Ultimate hunter 10.jpg Seasoned Botanist Your nature damage over time effects deal 25% bonus damage and deal their damage 100% faster.
LivelyPoisons.png Volatile Poisons 30 Each tick of your poisons has a 4,3% chance to give you a stack of Volatile Poisons, which increases your Critical Damage by 1% per stack.

At 50 stacks Volatile Poisons explodes, dealing 26% standard poison damage to all nearby enemies.

Plaguelord.png Plaguelord When Noxious Shot hits the target, it now spreads its damage to up to 5 nearby enemies.
Talent hunter 11.jpg Nature Affinity 40 Increases your Nature Mastery by 1%. Ultimate hunter 11.jpg Soul of the Forest Woodland arrow now has a 75% chance of dealing damage as if it had been shot from Nature's Veil.

Abilities and Runes[]

In Villagers & Heroes, both active and passive abilities are granted through Runes, which are found on items. To see a list of all Runes and Abilities available to the Hunter class, check out the full article below!

Full article: Hunter Runes

Unique Gear[]

  • Bow: Ranged weapon for the Hunter class. Capable of delivering enchanted arrows with range and precision, the real power of a hunter's bow lies in the runed abilities they contain.
  • Knife: Unique to the Hunter class, knives hold unique runes and provide powerful bonuses. (Minimum level 45)