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Level 95
Health 32,9m
Type Elder Boss
Attack Radius On Sight
Unique Drops Hox's Chest (gold), Hox's Satchel (silver), Hox's Bag (bronze), Hox's Pouch (No Tier)
Location Zorian Bountylands
Species Demon

Hox is an Elder Boss in Villagers & Heroes.




  • Gift of Mallok: Health, Regeneration, and Damage scaled to fight against x players. (x is 5 or greater)
  • Bolstered: This enemy cannot be stunned, snared, slowed, dazed or crushed.
  • Shocking: Damage taken reduced by 15%. Additionally empowered to use Shocking Screech, which stuns all nearby players for 6 seconds.
  • Siphon Power: Damage dealt increased by 20%. Additionally empowered to use Draining Screech, which removes 40% of all Mana from nearby players (currently bugged; has no effect).
  • Blood Mastery: Health Regeneration increased by 800%. Additionally empowered to use Mortal Screech, which turns all healing received into damage taken for 8 seconds.


  • Resistant to Physical
  • Heals quickly


Extra Info

  • He has 3 helpers: Trox, Nilax and Sorok.
  • Take down Trox, one of Hox's minions, when it is up. This will help with taking health damage Hox's Mortal Screech, granted by Blood Mastery. Note that for every minion that is down, Hox will use his other screeches more often, including a massive damage screech that he uses by default. When Hox is around 10% health, the minions seem to be invincible so just deal damage to Hox until he is dead.