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How's the Weather?
Level 32
Type Repeatable quest
Location Maiden

How's the Weather is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Radoslaw and his colleagues are 'Weather Wardens' which apparently means they have powers of weather manipulation, which sounds very fun. Unfortunately that also means they have to stand guard all around the floating island, using their powers to keep ill weather away. They also have to write daily reports and can't leave their post. Ew. So, I've decided to be nice and collect the reports from all the other Weather Wardens and bring them to Radoslaw so he can write up his daily weather report for the King.


  • None



  • Retrieve the weather report from Kiira and give it to Radoslaw .
  • Get Yoana's weather report and give it to Radoslaw.
  • Obtain Juraj's weather report and give it to Radoslaw.
  • Ask Windifred for her daily weather report and give it to Radoslaw.
  • Get Fritjof's report and give it to Radoslaw.


  • 3 silver, 80 copper
  • 3000 XP


Video Walkthrough

(All credits go to Famar)