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| '''Grundle Root''':
| '''Grundle Root''':
<u>Dusk Twins</u> A4/5 (loc -423 9 34)
<u>Dusk Twins</u> A4/5 (loc -423 9 34) east of pomegranate tree
<u>Dusk Twins</u> B2 (West of Pomegranate Tree)
<u>Dusk Twins</u> B2 (West of Pomegranate Tree)

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Level 95
Type Repeatable quest
Location Blight Bay

Herbalore is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Kyra wants me to head to each of the Blights and collect rare herbs..




  • Collect a Kindled Blossom from the Scarlet Isle or Bloodstone.
  • Collect a Pestiferous Pod from Oblivion Shores or Quietus.
  • Collect a Beryl Bladeweed from ash White or Cinder Strand.
  • Collect a Grundle Root from the Dusk Twins or Shadenor.
  • Return to Kyra Coalbane.


  • 18 silver
  • 532,5k XP
  • 60 Shadenor Medallion


Beryl Bladeweed.png

Spoilers here!
Beryl Blade:

Ash White C3 (-182 219 66)

Ash White B5/6 (loc -374 -184 61) near Vurdic Sootguard

Ash White D5/E5 (loc 2 - 25 72)

Ash White F1/2 (loc 237 406 65)

Ash White F7 Koldcore Deposit

Cinder Strand D7 (loc-97 -641 87) center

Cinder Strand G5 (loc 764 -159 91

Cinder Strand C4/5 (loc -402 22 83) small island

Cinder Strand B1/B2

Cinder Strand F2

Cinder Strand F/G7 (loc 538 -724 90) Right side of Talo Searheart

Grundle Root:

Dusk Twins A4/5 (loc -423 9 34) east of pomegranate tree

Dusk Twins B2 (West of Pomegranate Tree)

Dusk Twins D6/E6 (loc 0 -173 46) next to a pomegranate tree

Dusk Twins E7 (loc 133 -285 35) next to pomegranate tree

Shadenor A5/6 (next to Pomegranate Tree)

Shadenor B3/C3 near mob (t -399 402 155);

Shadenor C7 east of pomegranate tree

Shadenor E7 (loc 198 -552 145) Up on the hill, west of Pomegranate

Shadenor G4/H4 North of Nare Stargaze;

Kindled Blossom:

The Scarlet Isle A6 (-389 -191 64)

The Scarlet Isle B3/4 (-305 151 78)

The Scarlet Isle C2/D2 next to Teak Tree

The Scarlet Isle F5 (199 -62 103) near Dragos Savant

The Scarlet Isle F7 (loc 213 -330 63) Near Qadira Savant

Bloodstone B7 (loc -613 -563 51) near Zakira Marlowe

Bloodstone B2 (loc -687 794 87) near Viktoria Bitterlark;

Pestiferous Pod:

Oblivion Shores E4 (loc 61 71 37)

Oblivion Shores E5/F5 (North of Conny Blankely)

Oblivion Shores B6/7 (loc -316 -412 35)

Oblivion Shores G5 (loc 370 -99 35)

Quietus G3 ( east of Thorn Grimstead on rock)

  • Talk to Kyra Coalbane again.
  • This ends the quest and you will be rewarded for it.


Kyra Coalbane : "Such lovely foliage! I need more, care to help?"

You "Yes, I can help."

Kyra Coalbane: "I need four different kinds of rare herbs, one from each of the Blights. Head to any of the islands and collect for me a Pestiferous Pod, a Kindled Blossom, some Beryl Bladeweed, and some Grundle Root."