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Type Reinforcement

IMPORTANT: Your Maximum Health and the Health stat have the same name. To help avoid confusion we will use "Health" to refer to the stat and "Total Health" or "Max Health" to refer to Maximum Health.

Health can be any of the following in Villagers & Heroes:

Health as a Rune[]

Your total Health pool. If your Health reached 0, your character dies.


  • Health can be found on Armor, Belts, Boots, and Helms.

Health as a Stat[]

Health increases your total health (Min = 0; Max = as much as you can get). Health is essential to all classes, though some classes benefit from it more than others. If you find your character dying often, Health (along with Armor and Magic Resist) will help you survive longer.


  • Health can be found either as a native stat or as a reinforcement rune. Health can be found on Armor, Belts, Boots, and Helms.
  • Health can be further increased for a time using Breakfasts, Dinners.


  • Any effect that increases total health by a percentage, such as the Royal Health Increaser, will scale with your Base Health, not your Health or Total Health.
  • Your Dungeoneering skill will increase Base Health by 1% per level in raids.