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Headed to Hilda
Level 1
Type Main quest
Location Summer's Hollow

Headed to Hilda is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Rhoda gave me a ticket to see the play which stars the great actress, Clementine DeClancy. But Rhoda says I should speak with Hilda first.




  • Talk to Hilda in Summer's Hollow.


  • 20 copper
  • 700 XP


  • Speak to Hilda E5 (at the small tent on the Main Square), close to the Ticket Usher.
  • Continue speaking to Hilda to begin A Theater Affair.


Hilda: "Boots! Baubles! Trinkets and more! Step right up! Well, aren't you a sorry looking thing!"

You "Is that any way to talk to a potential customer?"

Hilda: "Depends. Are you a charity case, or do you have vast amounts of gold to spend upon my fabulous wares?"

Gained 700 experience!

You "Uh. I don't know if vast is the word exactly."

Hilda: "Then I am out of your price range. Sorry, friend!"

You "Hey, what was that noise? Sounded like cheering."

Hilda: "Clementine DeClancy must be giving autographs! I heard she wears gowns made entirely of rubies! Oh, I'd do anything for her autograph!"

You "I happen to be going to the theater. Maybe I could help you out."

Hilda: "Oh, yes, please, <Player Name>! Please get me Clementine's autograph!"

You "Sure, why not."

Hilda: "Fantastic! I would be so grateful if you did!"

Continued in: A Theater Affair