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Halcyon is part of the Seven Realms in Villagers and Heroes.

The broken hills of Halcyon make way to wide open golden fields, where crops thrive and children have full bellies.

When creating a new character, picking Halcyon as your starting realm gives you:

  • PERMANENT buff: The chance to find supplies while gathering is increased by 3% and the amount of supplies found is increased by 5%
  • 1 Halcyon Enchanted Scythe
  • 1 Halcyon Pie XP gained from combat, gathering, crafting is increased by 5%, lasts for 2h.
  • 1 Halcyon Cornucopia: the next time you gather, you have a 100% increased chance to find a Mote of Yorick. Mote find over 100% gives the chance to find more than one. The effect expires after a total of 5 gathers.

The Realm of Halcyon has yet to be explored, and is currently inaccessible in the game.