Level 4
Type Side quest
Location Summer's Hollow

Gnogmentation! is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Ginny wants me to practice Gnogmenting. He said he will give me any amount of weapons I need to practice with.


  • None



  • Open the box of weapons Ginny gave me (Double click the item in your inventory).
  • Perform 2 Gnogmentations. I can ask Ginny if I have any more questions.
  • Return to Ginny in Summer's Hollow and tell him how your Gnogmenting went.


  • 1 silver, 20 copper
  • 800 XP
  • 2 Socket (different depending on the played class)


  • Open the box Ginny gave you to receive 5 weapons appropriate to your class.
  • Click on an open workbench at the Gnomish Workshop beside you and use it to combine any two weapons into a new weapon.
  • Perform a second |Gnogmentation and then speak to Ginny to receive a reward.
  • You can speak to Ginny again at any time to receive another box of weapons.

Video Walkthrough

(All credits go to Famar)

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