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Gem Coaxing
Level 5
Type Main quest
Location Gandymeade Grove

Gem Coaxing is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

I know now that Hugo lied to me when he said he was engaged to Clementine. Malmuira said I should find Eamon in Gandymeade Grove. He can put a gem revealing spell on the ring, because the ring could probably speak volumes.




  • Find Eamon in Gandymeade Grove.Malmuira said he is on the west side, near the cliffs.
  • Find Eamon a Gandymeade Wibbler, Green Cacooner and a Julipon Slimer.
  • Bring the worms back to Eamon in Gandymeade Grove.
  • Return to Gormlaith. She should be in Summer's Hollow.


  • 1 silver, 60 copper
  • 19,6k XP
  • Uncommon Axe (different depending on the played class)



Eamon: "My eyes will never be bigger than my stomach!"

You "How are you with gem revealing spells?"

Eamon: "Not bad. Why?"

You "Can you perform one on this engagement ring, and tell me what it knows?"

Eamon: "I don't do favors unless I have flavors. That is my motto."

You "All right, what can I get for you?"

Eamon: "Worms! My stomach can't get enough of those meaty, wriggly wonders. Look in the dirt piles in the grove, and see if you can find me some juicy worms."

You "Okay, I'll be back."

Eamon: "I'll be waiting!"

You looted Gandymeade Wibbler! You looted Green Cacooner! You looted Julipon Slimer!

Eamon: "That's the sound of a hungry troll gut! Got something to feed it?"

You "Yes. Three kinds of worms."

Eamon: "Oh, these are delicious! So wriggly, too!"

You "Now please put a revealing spell on this engagement ring."

Eamon: "Very well. Let's see here...oh, that's interesting!"

You "What does it say?"

Eamon: "A gal with a peg leg used to stare at this ring in the jeweler's shop every day. She coveted its cold, hard, beauty. Here, lets try to get some more out of the ring."

You "Does the ring say anything about Clementine and Hugo?"

Eamon: "It surely does! When the ring was placed on Clementine's finger, the diamond knew instantly that the marriage was a sham, and that Clementine loathed Hugo."

You "Oh, my! Anything else?" Eamon: "Yes, but my mother would kill me for repeating such words out loud. That Clementine sure had a mouth on her! Hugo must have been furious to have been called such names! Anyway, that's all the gem says."

You lost 1x Gandymeade Wibbler. You lost 1x Green Cacooner. You lost 1x Julipon Slimer. You lost 1x Engagement Ring of Clementine DeClancy.

You "Thanks, Eamon, I'll go report this all back to Gormlaith."

Eamon: "Good luck, <Player Name>, and thanks for the wriggly snacks!"

Gormlaith: "They are all disappearing! And they were all paying Gazette subscribers! Say, did you come up with any juicy tidbits for me to write about?"

You "Yes! I learned quite a bit!"

Gormlaith: "You don't say! Hold on, let me get my notepad! Go on!"

Gained 19.6k experience!

You "Clementine dumped Hugo and called off the wedding!"

Gormlaith: "You're kidding! What juicy news! How did Hugo respond to that?"

You "He flew into a rage."

Gormlaith: "Hugo does have an awful temper. Almost makes him become a completely different person. You don't suppose Hugo could be the Miscreant?"

You "It's quite possible."

Gormlaith: "The mayor's own son, what a story! Oh, and speaking of the mayor, I might have another lead for you."

You "Tell me!"

Gormlaith: "This is juicy stuff! I heard that Rhoda has been up to some shady business ever since she lost the mayoral election."

You "Hiccoughing Rhoda ran for mayor?"

Gormlaith: "Indeed. And has been quite a sore loser. She hates everyone in Summer's Hollow who didn't vote for her! You should talk to Tanaquil. She's known Rhoda for years."

Continued in: Down at the Docks.