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Gems are valuable junk items found when Gathering. They drop from both village nodes and nodes in the world. They have no use other than to be sold to a vendor for gold. The six types of gems are topaz, opal, sapphire, ruby, emerald, and diamond, and there is a set of gems for every 5 levels, as well as level 1 gems. (So the name of the level 25 opal is Lustrous Opal.)

The level of the gem dropped is the same as the gathering node rounded down. I.e. a level 49 node drops level 45 gems. All gems stack up to 100.

Topaz Opal Sapphire Ruby Emerald Diamond
Level 1
Level 5 25
Level 10 - Ordinary 50c 1s 1s 40c 4s 20s
Level 15


75c 2s 10 6s 30
Level 20


in the wild

1s 2s 80 8s 40
Level 25 - Lustrous 1s 25c 2s 50c 3s 50c 10s 50s 1g 25s
Level 30 - Exquisite 1s 50c 3s
Level 35 1s 75
Level 40 - Splendid 2s 4 5s 60c 16s 80s
Level 45 - Perfect 2s 25 4s 50c 6s 30c 18s 90s 2g 25s
Level 50 2s 50
Level 55 2s 75
Level 60 - Faultless 3 8s 40c 24s
Level 65 3s 25
Level 70 3s 50
Level 75

Pure Superior

3s 75
Level 80 4
Level 85 - Pure Exquisite 4s 25c
Level 90 - Pure Grand 4s 50c 9s 12s 60c 36s 4g 50s