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Gathering Tools[]

There are 4 types of tools, according to the 4 types of gathering:

  • to mine ore = Pick: Pick.png
  • to get mushrooms, wood, and fruit= Sickle: Sickle.png

Where to get[]

They are all sold at tool vendors, found in Ardent City, Summer's Hollow, in any village, or the safe gathering zones.

For each 5 level you can buy another one.

There are also tools you can buy from the Item Shop that will gather faster than a vendor-bought one.

Bountiful Gathering[]

If you gather with a tool that's 4 lvl lower or higher the node's level - say lvl 30 Sickle gathers lvl 29 Pine Tree or lvl 30 Sickle gathers lvl 34 Tree - you will get a Bountiful Gathering buff.

This buff enable items that usually won't appear if you don't have the Bountiful Gathering Buff. Below are some of the items that will only appear or drops less often when the buff is active :

[add more if exists]


Duration Penalty if the Tool's condition is below 10%

All tools, vendor and shop degrade with use and need to be repaired in order to keep working their best. Every swing of your gathering tool degrades it 0.1% (confirmation required) for vendor tools, and _% for shop tools.

Repair globules pop out of all gathering nodes, and repair the tool in use for either 10, 20, or 35% when clicked on.

Condition starts at 100% and drops to 0%, at which the tool is Broken. You cannot gather with a broken tool. Broken tools can be repaired at any vendor (gold cost), or by using Bottled Repair Globules. Tools that degrade below 10% will suffer Duration Penalty which causes you to gather slower.