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Gathering is how most materials for crafting are acquired. There are four gathering skills, with each gathering skill level capped the current max level.

The four gathering skills are:

Each gathering skill has a Gathering tool and associated Supplies.

When gathering, in addition to the item being gathered, nodes will also give you supplies, Mote of Yorick, Gems, a rare gather depending on if you are gathering in the village or wild, and repair globules.

Plentiful nodes give increased rare gatherings and better chance on materials and supplies compared to "normal" nodes i.e. plentiful1 nodes give more rare gatherings and better chance on materials and supplies with 4-5X the experience.

Leveling up in any gathering skill gives a buff called Villager Insight.

Village Gathering[]

All types of village gathering have a chance to drop Cornucopias.

See main article: Village Gathering

Wild Gathering[]

Each skill type has 2 powerful consumable rare gathers associated with it:

They start at level 1, then 5, then every 10 levels. Higher level drops are either more powerful, or have buffs that last longer.

Buffs and Boosts[]


Herbs grown in your garden: Herbs

Triad potions[]

Crafting Cost Reduction, Supply Batch Boost, Abundant Harvest, and Bountiful Gathering are all increased by x%. Supply Find is increased by x%: Triad Potions

Clockwork Harvesters[]

Clockwork Harvester

Also see Arachnamasser

Spirit of Yorick[]

Spirit of Yorick increases Motes of Yorick from gathering. and is an enchantment from necklaces crafted using Tailoring.

Villager Insight[]

When gathering with Villager Insight active, you get an extra gather item per swing of your gathering tool.

Yorick's Fervor[]

Yorick's Fervor is a powerful enchantment from either Yorick's Reaping Cap (Item Shop) or the Royal Red Crown (Charter Token).


Elixir of Reaping

Crystal of the Benevolent Villager

Village population boost

Villager experience boosters (various, including Holiday Villager XP Boost, Village Booster, Villager XP Boost. (missing stacking info - Holiday XP Villager Boost and Villager XP Boost stacks with others, Village Booster does not stack with Ardent Society(?))


Ardent Society Membership


Event zone[]

Some of the Event Regions have a daily gathering quest that requires from one of the four level 1 gathering nodes in that zone.

Quest only gathers[]

Special gathers were once required for a few of the quests. These have either been removed, or replaced by lootable chests.

  • Oak gall
  • Bevyn's Coille quest gathers
  • Sanctorium quest gathers