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Gardening is a skill that can be accessed by the player as soon as the player owns a house. For information on how to purchase a house, visit the Housing page.

A gardener can grow a variety of different crops and produce that can be used for various things, like cooking, feeding to sheep and farm animals, selling for gold, or even trading for magical seeds.


The first thing a player needs to start gardening is seeds. Seeds can be purchased from the seed vendor, (Borrie in the center of a village), or from the seed board just behind a player’s garden.

Once a player has seeds in their inventory, they can then plant them in the garden. To plant a seed, players can drag and drop the seed from the inventory into an open section of the garden. If that slot of the garden is an acceptable place to plant the seed, then the slot will be highlighted green. If it is not an acceptable place, then the square will be highlighted red.

The only reason that a slot is deemed as unacceptable for planting is if another crop is already growing there.

Once the seed is dropped into a green garden plot, then the seed is planted and will begin to grow! A gardener can return to the garden after the duration of growth to harvest the crop.

Seeds have various growing times, which will be displayed on the seed packet. When a crop is harvested from a garden, the player will receive the allotted amount of experience in the gardening skill.

When you are about to harvest crops from your garden, make sure to have a knowledge potion and / or a brilliance effect applied! This way the experience you receive will be multiplied.

Watering your crops[]

What better way to make a garden grow than watering it. A watered crop will require less time to mature. Crops do not need to be watered, and will not die if they are not watered. Watering is an optional activity that can be used to speed up the growth process, but it is in no way mandatory!

Crops can be watered immediately upon planting, and once every four hours after that. Players will know it is time for crops to be watered when crops have a thought bubble showing a watering can.

To water crops, players can drag and drop a watering can from their inventory onto the crop. Characters will animate watering and crops will get a boost in growth.

Every time a crop is watered, the total duration on the crop will move forward. The amount of duration shaved is dependent on the total time of the crop.

Watering Bonus

  • 20 Minute Crops: Watering will reduce the total duration by 4 minutes.
  • 2 Hour Crops: Watering will reduce the total duration by 20 minutes.
  • 5 Hour Crops: Watering will reduce the total duration by 1 hour.
  • 9 Hour Crops: Watering will reduce the total duration by 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • 22 Hour Crops: Watering will reduce the total duration by 2 Hours.

Type of water cans

  • Plain water can: 1/crop - no extra boosts.
  • Miracle Water: Reducing the remaining grow time for every plant by two.

The following are no longer available from the shop:

  • Zharim Spring Water: All crops watered will receive a double growth boost compared to normal water. 1/crop
  • Bountiful Watering Pitcher: When poured onto any crop in your garden, all crops that are in need of water will be watered. Contains 1 single use.
  • Ancient Zharim Pitcher: Grants double waterring bonus to every plant in your garden.

Type of Seeds[]

There are 4 types of seeds:

  • Seeds: (vegetable, berries): give low amount of gold and average XP - they can be used in many cooking recipes as well as for feeding animals.
  • Exotic: give high amounts of XP but low amounts of gold - these are only for sale.
  • Flowers: give low amount of XP but will sell for high amounts of gold.
  • Herbs: give low amounts of XP and gold - are mainly used to find extra gathering supplies and Motes of Yorick.