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Full-scale Rescue Operation
Level 35
Type Side quest
Location Rackabone's Peak

Full-scale Rescue Operation is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

There is rescuing to be done on Rackabone's Peak, and it's up to me to do it.



  • Zima Green Rescuer F7, near portal to Mounds


  • Bring the Green Rescue potion to Lanndor Yellow Rescuer.
  • Bring the Yellow Rescue potion to Appala Orange Rescuer.
  • Bring the Orange Rescue potion to Minx Red Rescuer.
  • Bring the Red Rescue potion to Winstin Blue Rescuer.
  • Bring the Blue Rescue potion to Sadik.
  • Talk to Winstin Blue Rescuer.
  • Talk to Minx Red Rescuer.
  • Talk to Appala Orange Rescuer.
  • Talk to Lanndor Yellow Rescuer.
  • Talk to Zima Green Rescuer.


  • 20 silver
  • 16,8k XP
  • Uncommon Trinket