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Flower of Dartrey
Level 82
Type Repeatable quest
Location Dartrey Woods

Jeen Mirur has asked me to find a Dartrey Flower.


  • Reach Dartrey Woods.



  • Find a Dartrey Flower.
  • Return to Jeen Mirur.


  • 8 silver, 60 copper
  • 230k XP


  • This is a daily quest. The Dartrey Flower can be anywhere in the woods. Hopefully an exact number of finding spots will be found, but that remains to be checked.

Dartrey Flower

  • According to players it has been found at:
    • B4, NE corner of grid at the base of a tree.
    • D2, on a ledge on the mountain side by the bounty Kael .
    • C3, in the middle of the grid behind a tree.
    • E7 (west edge).
    • G4, by a tree near the ore nodes.
  • Return to Jeen Mirur D6/7 once you have found the flower to complete this quest and to receive your reward.


Jeen Mirur:"<Player_Name>, could you find a Dartrey Flower for me? It is supposedly incredibly beautiful."

You:"Sure! I'll see if I can find one for you."

Jeen Mirur:"The Dartrey Flower is so beautiful that it sparkles!"


Jeen Mirur:"Have you found the Dartrey Flower yet?"

You:"I have finished my task."

Jeen Mirur:"Thanks <Player_Name>, it's so beautiful. Maybe you can find me another one tomorrow."