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Flooded Cloisters

Flooded Cloisters
Type Dungeon
Level Range Scaled

The Flooded Cloisters is the 5th of 7 raid locations. It is added at December 15th, 2020.

  • At the moment one can only reach this raid by first doing 5 bronze Bandicott Woods.





Elder/Boss : Ravelle


Upon switching the lever, you will start the raid and the timer starts.

  1. The Rose Chambers ➤Defeat Razor Prime OR Elwin the Cruel
    • ➤Defeat Sarwarin Darkwight OR Shaeynore Killshot
    • ➤Defeat Herstina Foulbane OR Elyemylla Nettlesting
    • ➤Defeat 20 Rose Chamberlains
  2. The Dire Straight ➤Defeat Dire Mother Rue (up the stairs)
    • ➤Defeat Dire Father Draigh
  3. The Queen’s Garden➤Defeat Percy Growthbane OR Nora Withertouch
    • ➤Defeat Maggwood
    • ➤Defeat 6 Garden Spectrals
  4. Upper Chambers ➤Defeat Hamlyn the Putrid OR Faramond the Widower
    • ➤Defeat Katelyn Hollowheart OR Elizey Bloodslayer
    • ➤Defeat Aynora the Scion OR Maera Magni
    • ➤Defeat 20 Upper Chamberlains
  5. The Benedicion ➤Defeat Ravelle (Keey and Pess show up at his side)

Extra Info[]

  • Defeat Keey and Pess asap.
  • When Maggwood summons his funfi, stand close to it and kill, it will debuff you.
  • The higher Raid Level one has:
    • More bounties will appear and will need to be killed - or -
    • More missions to end before one can move on.
    • On doing the raid you will have no map, the map shown here is an old map, but accurate.
  • Solo: 'Easiest' and lowest amount of mobs to kill, or 'Easier' puzzles - no matter if you are on bronze or platinum.
  • Higher groups: more difficult and more mobs, also the puzzles are complexer - no matter if the group is on bronze or platinum.