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Finding Argando
Level 76
Type Repeatable quest
Location Bevyn's Coille

Finding Argando is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Zallah can't find her friend Argando and is worried about him. She wants me to find him and tell him to get home quickly.


  • None



  • Find Argando somewhere in Bevyn's Coille and tell hm to return home.
  • Return to Zallah in Lampkin Village, and tell her of our success.



  • There are 10 different places Argando can appear:
    • 'looking' at the mushrooms: cave to the Mire (C7),
    • 'swimming': in the water near Tran (B5/B6),
    • inspecting a dark pond: on the northeast shore of the small lake in the Dunes of the Dead (D3),
    • 'waiting for a drink': from the water barrels next to Renata (E4),
    • 'Scared Silly' in Abeldar's Lair (G5),
    • 'listening to some snoring': beside Kern the statue in the northwest (B2).
    • 'dancing' D2, behind a tree,
    • 'fishing': in the eastern river between Pillookoo and Balehoper bounties (F4),
    • 'inspecting something old': in the Decrepit Ruins (D5),
    • hanging out under a tree: next to Lancedarter behind southern outpost (D6),
  • When you find him tell him to go home.
  • Return to Zallah to tell her you find him and receive your reward.

x - Argando locations



Zallah: "Have you seen him? Have you seen Argando?"

You "No, I'm sorry I haven't. Maybe I could help find him for you?"

Zallah: "Oh <Player Name>, please do! With this feud going on I worry about his safety. Please find him for me, <Player Name>!"


Argando: "I wonder what the story of this house is..."

You "Zallah sent me. She says you need to come home."

Argando: "I guess this mystery can be solved another day. Thanks, <Player Name>!"

You "You better be off."

Argando: "Farewell!"


Zallah: "Did you find him? Did you send him home?"

You "I found him pondering about the decrepit ruins."

Zallah: "Oh that Argando! Thanks for your help, <Player Name>."