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Feed for Thought
Level 33
Type Main quest
Location Aberdeen Heath

Feed for Thought is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

TIt turns out that Rabeka's daughter, Marfa, knows something about Scamander. If I help her collect some horse feed, then she will tell me what she knows.




  • Collect 17 Bags of Stolen Horse Feed from the Southern Goblin camp in Aberdeen Heath.
  • Return the Horse Feed to Marfa in Aberdeen Heath.
  • Find and feed the Aberdeen Colt that still needs to be fed.
  • Find and feed the Aberdeen Mare that still needs to be fed.
  • Find and feed the Aberdeen Stallion that still needs to be fed.
  • Return to Marfa in Aberdeen Heat hand hear the rest of the Scamander tale.
  • Return to Rabeka in Aberdeen Heath.


  • 18 silver
  • 24,3k XP
  • Uncommon Priest Ring (different depending on the played class)


  • Marfa told you to get 17 Bags of Stolen Horse Feed from the Southern Goblin camp. (F8)
  • Kill any of the Heath Goblin so they drop the Stolen Horse Feed.
  • Return to Marfa once you have the requested items, in return she'll tell you the story of Scamander. Sadly she will only tell you the 1st part of his story.
  • To hear more you have to feed at least one Aberdeen colt, mare and a stallion.
  • Keep talking to the Aberdeen horses (E6) until you find the 3 that need food. (you'll get the option: Hungry? In the chat). Then return to Marfa to hear about the rest of the story.
  • Finally return to Rabeka and tell her that her daughter will be home soon.
  • This ends the quest but keep talking to her to get the follow up quest: Secret Operatives.


Marfa: "Did you find the feed? Oh you did! Well done <Player Name>, can you hand it here?"

You "Tell me about Scamander first."

Marfa: "All right, fine. Scamander was born during the Shadow Years. And like so many other vile beasts of that era, he thrived under Mallok's dark rule of the land. He fought savagely against the Legendary Four in the Great Battle, but it was under Marat's frenzied sword blows that he fell, and to whom he lost his arm."

You "Is this memorized?"

Marfa: "Hush! Don't interrupt! Scamander survived his wounds, but at a heavy cost. In the aftermath of the battle, when the persecution of Mallok followers was at its height, Scamander was enslaved by a group of righteous zealots, and flung into the stalls which held a rare breed of horse. Many were in awe of it."

You "The Aberdeen Horses?"

Marfa: "Quiet! Though the zealots could never tame these powerful horses, they were, however, able to crush the spirit and will of Scamander, who became nothing more than a broken wretch, begging and crawling at the feet of his masters, living only to do their bidding."

You "Go on."

Marfa: "Decades went by-- actually... I think that is enough."

You "Hey, wait a minute. We had a deal."

Marfa: "I said I would tell you about Scamander, and I just did. I never promised I'd tell you everything. If you want to hear the whole story, you'll have to help me again." You "Okay, what do you need?"

Marfa: "I didn't have enough food to feed the rest of the horses. But now that you have the food, we should get them fed. I know there is at least a colt, a mare, and a stallion that still haven't eaten. Find them and feed them."

You "All right. I'll be back."

Marfa: "See you soon!"

You "Yes. Now can you continue the story?"

Marfa: "Of course. Ahem... So decades went by. Though the original horses passed away, their line continued, albeit diluted over the years. Scamander dwelled always with the horses in their cells, living in the dark and the filth, until a young man happened upon him one day, crawling around on the dingy floor of the Aberdeen Stalls."

You "That must have been J.M!"

Marfa: "The young man slew Scamander's captors, and, with diligence and care, he restored the creature's broken spirit. Scamander grew to become once more, the mighty and evil beast he'd been so long ago. The young man fashioned for him, too, a hooked hand, in lieu of the hand taken by Marat, and imbued it with dark magics."

You "Go on."

Marfa: "Scamander liberated the ancient line of horses, and saw to it that the horses would always have a place to roam free. He vowed that none would ever tame them, lest the horses willingly chose themselves to serve another, just as he had chosen to ever after become the loyal servant of the young man who had saved him."

You "Go on."

Marfa: "And so now this glade is a protected place where no person, creature, or being can take an Aberdeen Horse against its will. However, many of the Aberdeen horses prefer the cushy life and so have chosen to live in Aberdeen Stalls."

You "Is that where Scamander is?"

Marfa: "I don't know. I've never seen the stalls myself. But that is the entire story as I know it. And now, it's getting late. The horses are fed and happy and I tire as well. You can return to my mother and tell her I'll be home soon."

You "Thank you."

Marfa: "Safe travels, <Player Name>!"

Rabeka: "Good tidings to you."

You "Your daughter should be along soon."

Rabeka: "What a relief! Thank you, <Player Name>!"

You "Now can you tell me what you saw?"

Rabeka: "I did see three people in black masks pass by. They were in a hurry. I heard them whisper they needed to have someone named Quinlan assemble the parts to a contraption they had. They were headed to Aberdeen Stalls, where this Quinlan and their friends were gathered."

You "That must be their secret den! Thanks, Rabeka!"

Rabeka: "By the way, that fellow over there, Bartholomew, has been looking for you. You should probably talk to him."

Continued in: Secret Operatives.