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Below is the list of the Factions, Dominions and Groups in the Seven Realms. (More should be added)

Ardent Kingdom[edit | edit source]

Glittermore Kingdom[edit | edit source]

Greenhaven Kingdom[edit | edit source]

Halcyon Kingdom[edit | edit source]

Thorncrest Kingdom[edit | edit source]

Sunkentooth Empire[edit | edit source]

== Stormhold Empire ==[Wizard School | Wizard School - Good

Mallok's Realms[edit | edit source]

Pyrron Domain[edit | edit source]

Ministers of Propaganda
Ministers of Culture
Ministers of Transportation
Ministers of War
Droktor's Experiements
Stone Legion
Rift Elders
Realm Wardens
Underground Dragons

Crux[edit | edit source]

Lightning Squad

Resistances[edit | edit source]


Bandit Gangs[edit | edit source]