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Eyes on the Prize
Level 68
Type Main quest
Location Knockroe Village

Eyes on the Prize is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

There is a chance the Brindles can get their sight back, but they need some documents from the Ministers of Transportation first.




  • Kill Jadister
  • Collect Jadister's Imperial Documents
  • Kill Ignim
  • Collect Ignim's Imperial Documents


  • 48 silver
  • 172k XP
  • Uncommon Warrior Boots (different depending on the played class)



Picking up quest

You "I want nothing more than freedom for all, Scarticus!"

Scarticus: "I wasn't just being poetic, soldier. It is in fact possible that I, as well as all the Brindles, will one day see again. With your help, our vision can be restored."

You "Go on."

Scarticus: "Pyrrus used powerful magic to take our sight, and he keeps it still. But just where our vision is kept, or what manner of enchantment holds it, we do not know. However, we believe Jadister and Ignim, the two Ministers of Transportation, are in possession of the information we seek."

You "Still listening."

Scarticus: "Our sources say that each minister carries valuable documents crucial to Ministry operations. The information we seek is among these documents. Defeat these two ministers, and retrieve all documents within the vaults. Are you up to it, soldier?"

You "Without a doubt, Scarticus. I will see to it that you see again!"

Scarticus: "Elder speed, <player_name>. You are going to need it."

Turning in quest

Scarticus: "How do you fare against the ministers of transportation?"

You "I have killed the ministers, and found the documents you requested."

Scarticus: "I will give these documents to the Benefactress immediately! Hopefully she will soon be able to ascertain the location of our precious vision. Thank you, <player_name>."