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Explora the Doora's
Level 36
Type Side quest
Location Shiverspine

Explora the Doora's is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Caldwell wants me to find some useful information out about the strange doors in Shiverspine.


  • None



  • Observe the Molten Door.
  • Observe the Ice Door.


  • 21 silver
  • 21600 XP
  • Marksman Gloves (different depending on the played class)


  • Molten door:
    • From the portal to Maiden (D5), turn immediately left, keep jumping down towards the statue. Just behind the statue is the hall where also the entrance to Hell's Furnace is. Don't go inside, just approach the portal, your quest will be updated: you have found the Molten door.
  • Ice Door:
    • From the telepad, take the teleporter north (D2). From here run eastwards to F2. Just behind the bounty Frozenfoot you see the entrance to Villar Summit. Don't go inside, just approach the portal and your quest will be update: you have found the Ice Door
  • Once you have observed both doors, return to Caldwell and tell him that one door is warm and the other is cold. This ends the quest and you will be rewarded.

Video Walkthrough

(All credits go to Famar)