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To acquire Elder Gear, a hero must collect all required (4) fragments, and have them magically restored.


For a player to assemble and acquire elder gear:

  • First: Elder fragments must be collected from elder bosses of corresponding levels
  • Second: Elder fragments are then taken to Arcron in Ardent Castle
  • Third: Arcron will perform the Elder Restoration, taking the Elder Fragments from the player
  • Finally: Once finished, Arcron will give the restored piece of Elder Gear to the player.

Elder Fragments

The only way an adventurer can recover elder fragments is by slaying the Elder Bosses. Elder bosses are not only rare, but also extremely difficult to destroy. It is highly suggested to bring allies along for the fight.

Once an Elder Boss has been destroyed, it will immediately drop into your bag. There is 30% chance that an extra Elder Fragment will drop. This fragment will be of the same tier and rank as the boss, and can be used by heroes to assemble Elder Gear.

Remember you need 1 set for armor and 1 set for a weapon.

Elder Fragments are ‘NO TRADE‘.

Elder Restorations

The art of Elder restorations is a difficult art to master, and few individuals in the Seven Realms know how. Fortunately one such individual has volunteered to stay in Ardent offering his aid.

Arcron and his twin Sister Arcra can be found in Ardent Castle. The twins have spent their entire lives studying all aspects of the Elders and Elder Gear. While Arcron has specifically studied the art of Elder Restorations, Arcra has honed her skills as a historian and keeper of knowledge.

Once a hero has collected all required Elder Fragments, they may approach Arcron and ask for an Elder Restoration. Elder Restorations do not have any cost, and can be done any number of times (as long as the fragments are provided for each restoration).

Elder Gear, like Elder Fragments, is 'NO TRADE'.

Elder Gear Tiers

There is a tier of Elder Gear every ten combat levels, starting at level ten. Each of these tiers provide each class with a new upgraded version of an Elder Weapon, and an Elder Outfit. At level 55, it is every 5 combat levels.

Each tier of Elder Gear will have its own set of Elder Bosses that will drop corresponding fragments. These Bosses can be found all over the Seven Realms.

Currently in game, there is a tier of elder gear at level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, and 85. 90, 95