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Elden Forest Quest
Level 1
Type Main quest
Location Elden Forest

A Crafty Guy is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Our cart broke here in Elden Forest, but we are trying to make it to the ferry so we can travel to Summer's Hollow.


  • None



  • Go fishing and catch an Elden Minnow.
  • Bring the Elden Minnow back to Adriel.
  • Meet Adriel across the bridge.
  • A Ferocious Beast has appeared! Attack it!
  • Speak with Adriel.
  • Meet Adriel down the creek.
  • Kill Shycras the cultist.
  • Kill Teldar the cultist.
  • Kill Zylax the cultist.
  • Speak with Adriel.
  • Meet Adriel down at the docks.
  • Speak with the Ghost of Mallok.
  • Defeat the Ghost of Mallok.
  • Speak with Adriel.
  • Get on the ferry and meet Adriel in Summer's Hollow.
  • Speak with Adriel.


  • 1 silver
  • 1000 XP
  • Rare Shaman Belt (different depending on the played class)


  • At the right side (see the yellow arrows) are fish nodes.
  • Hoover over the node and click to catch the Elden Minnow.
  • Give it to Adriel and keep talking to her the next part of this quest.
  • Run across the bridge. Suddenly a beast appears Ferocious Beast, attack it, then talk to Adriel again.
  • Equip the axe (or other weapon, depending on your class) she gives you and meet her at the creek.
  • Before you can reach her, 3 cultists appear: Shychras, Zylax and Teldar. Kill them.
  • Speak with Adriel again and then meet her at the docks.
  • Before you reach her, Mallok's Ghost appears, talk to him.
  • Kill him, then talk to Adriel again.
  • Get on the ferry and meet Adriel in Summer's Hollow. (Run through the portal)
  • Talk to Adriel again.
  • She will finally reward you and give you the follow up quest: Summer's Hollow.


Adriel: "It really wasn't my doing! I can assure you that I am an experienced driver, and had nothing at all to do with our carriage just breaking down! You believe me, don't you, <Player Name>?"
You "Undecided. No offense, but maybe your atrocious singing voice spooked the horses?"
Adriel: "Nonsense. They adore my screeching. But something in this forest did spook them. Oh, this is a disaster! How are we to get to Summer's Hollow now? I can't think straight! I'm having a panic attack! I need your help."
You "Sure. What can I do?"
Adriel: "The fish in the waters here secrete a powerful healing oil which will help calm my agitated mind, and help me to think properly again. Catch me an Elden Minnow please, <Player Name> ?"."

Adriel: "Ah, lovely. Its powerful scent is already working wonders on my agitated mind. I just remembered there is a ferry in these parts, which can take us to Summer's Hollow! We'll make our way there. Meet me just over that bridge. All right, <Player Name>?"
You "Let's go."
Adriel: "I'll meet you across the bridge!"

Adriel: "Mountain lions never attack in broad daylight!"
You "Were you singing again?"
Adriel: "I most certainly was not! Something is amiss today here in the forest. I'm getting an awfully bad feeling. We need to be on our guard. I'm not much of a fighter, but you seem to be. Here, take this <Weapon>. It's equipped with powerful runes."
You "Runes?"
Adriel: "Magical components attached to weapons and armor. This <Weapon> will grant you powerful new spells. Equip it, then speak with me again, and we'll get moving."
You "Okay."
Adriel: "Equip the <Weapon>!"

Adriel: "Feels good, doesn't it? You even look more powerful! Now let's get moving. Meet me down in the next clearing."
You "All right."
Adriel: "See you soon."

Adriel: "Cultists attacking in Elden Forest! I told you I had a bad feeling about things here today. And don't you dare blame it on my singing again!"
You "I won't. Who were those cultists?"
Adriel: "Mallok worshippers, no doubt. They long for the return of the Shadow Years, when darkness and chaos reigned, and the Dark Tyrant ruled over all."
You "Mallok was the name of the Dark Tyrant?"
Adriel: "Indeed, and what a vile creature he was. Bloodthirsty and cruel, he possessed tremendous powers, and sought to destroy the Seven Realms. Thankfully, the Legendary Four put an end to him long ago."
You "So why are these cultists here now?"
Adriel: "I shudder to think. I've passed through these woods often enough, and they've never made their presence known before. Then again, I don't look as intimidating as you. I wonder..."
You "Wonder what?"
Adriel: "Well, they must have found you threatening. Why else would they have attacked? Let's not dawdle! We must get to the ferry, and leave this forest at once! Meet me up ahead!"
You "Okay!"
Adriel: "Meet me up ahead!"

Ghost of Mallok: "What naive fool have we here, that did not know the name of Mallok? Such ignorance must be punished."
You "[Continue.]"
Ghost of Mallok: "My rebirth draws near. Soon I will rise once more to plunge the world into darkness. The Shadow Years will be unleashed again. Even now, my essence stirs in Summer's Hollow."
You "[Continue.]"
Ghost of Mallok: "But I'm afraid you will not ever see Summer's Hollow, poor little fool that you are. For it is death which awaits you here and now."
You "[To Battle!]"
Ghost of Mallok: "Die!"

Adriel :"The Dark Tyrant is to be resurrected! Evil Mallok will return once more and destroy us all! Oh, this cannot be."
You "But I just defeated him."
Adriel: "Don't be silly. That was merely cultist magic. A mirage of Mallok's ghost, conjured by his followers. It was not him. But we must leave this place at once! Head to the boat, now!"
You "Okay."
Adriel: "We must get to the ferry, and leave this forest at once!"

Adriel: "You made it! We are finally safe and sound here in Summer's Hollow."
You "Not sure about the safe part. Didn't you hear what that Mallok ghost said?"
Adriel: "About his essence stirring here? Indeed. King Leo must be informed immediately! I will set off for the capital at once! <Player Name>, I wonder if I could impose upon you further?"
You "Of course. I want to help."
Adriel: "Then stay here in Summer's Hollow, and see what you can find out. Talk to some of the locals. Learn if there is any truth in what the ghost said. But be discreet! You never know who you can trust."