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Efra of the Coterie
Level 95
Type Side quest
Location Shadenor

Efra of the Coterie is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Medwyn suggested that I find Efra of the Coterie, who once was the attendant of the Shrine of Clorian.




  • Find Efra of the Coterie at the Shrine of Clorian.


  • 74 silver
  • 35k XP


  • Efra stands at 'The Shrine of Clorian', at A/B 5 (near mount vendor) on Shadenor. Talk to her.
  • This ends the quest but keep talking to her to get the next quest: Garwyna of the Coterie.


Efra: "I can feel it even now, the gentle tug, the quiet pull. Day by day I unravel..."

You "I wish to know what happened when Lem rescued the children from here."

Efra: "Clorian came, as he always did. When he discovered that his offerings had not been given to him as promised, his wrath was swift and immense. He gathered his might, bore down his power, and unleashed the Blight Raven."

Gained 35k experience!

You "The blight raven?"

Efra: "A creature of terrible size with eyes cold and still. With every flap of its wings the blight fell, unleashing hellish screams from the people below. It circled around islands for seven days, coating everything in the Blights."

You "How is it that each of the blights are so different?"

Efra: "As the blight fell, it manifested itself on each isle, morphing and changing to match the particular traits of the people who dwelled there."

You "What does that mean?"

Efra: "Those who were quick to temper became bloodthirsty creatures. Those marked with indifference became the living dead. Those with the most abundance who greedily hungered for more, were reduced to ash. And those with the greatest hubris who lorded over all others, became mere shadows of life."

You "And what happened to Lem?"

Efra: "I know not, for I was here when the Clorian came. It was here that I died. Garwyna though, she saw what happened to Lem. She dwells now on Ash White."

Talking to Efra again after completing the quest[]

Efra: "I can feel it even now, the gentle tug, the quiet pull. Day by day I unravel..."

You "Day by day."

Efra: "By day by day."

Continued in: Garwyna of the Coterie.