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Dying for a Draught
Level 1
Type Main quest
Location Summer's Hollow

Dying for a Draught is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Rhoda has a bad case of hiccoughs, and needs me to retrieve a special draught for her which will cure them. Rhoda said she will give me a ticket to the big play if I get the draught for her. Rhoda said Chauncey can be found on the south side of town, by the statues of the Legendary Four.




  • Find Chauncey and ansk him for a Draught of Cure Hiccough.
  • Give the draught to Rhoda along with the message of Chanucey.




Rhoda: "Oh, I do love a good party! Why ever aren't you dancing, <Player Name>?"

You "I have a lot on my mind."

Rhoda: "Well you must really join us, and help celebrate! This is the Festival of the Four!"

You "What's the Festival of the Four?"

Rhoda: "Every year we celebrate the Legendary Four, and their defeat of vile Mallok. *hiccough* Pardon me! Say, could you do me a little favor?"

You "I'm out of breath mints, sorry."

Rhoda: "You're saucy! No, it's one of Chauncey's hiccough curing draughts that I need. Retrieve it for me, and I'll give you a ticket to the big play later, starring the famous Clementine DeClancy! Sound good?"

You "Sure! A play sounds intriguing! Where is Chauncey?"

Rhoda: "Down at the stables, just outside of town. Oh, and just ignore him if he starts raving about eerie happenings going on around town lately. Sanity isn't one of his strong suits."

Chauncey: "I'm not crazy... not crazy, not crazy! Strange things have been going on around here, but nobody believes me!"

You "Rhoda needs a draught for her hiccoughs. Can you help?"

Chauncey: "Bah, that Rhoda! I'll give you the draught, but only if you give that skeptic a message from me."

You "Okay. What's the message?"

Chauncey: "That something sinister has come to Summer's Hollow. The horses sense it! They've become skittish and nervous, and hardly eat. Something evil and unseen is scaring them mightily!"

You "Are you sure?"

Chauncey: "It's my business to know horses! In fact, so sure am I that something sinister has come to our town, that I'll make you a deal. Take me seriously and investigate my claims, and I will give you one of my horses for free. A hero like you needs a good mount! Have we a bargain?"

You "Indeed!"

Chauncey: "Investigate the eerie happenings taking place around here, and put a stop to them! Return to me afterwards, and I'll make good on my word. Oh, and don't forget to tell Rhoda my message!"

You received Draught of Cure Hiccough!

Rhoda: "They just won't stop! Were you able to get the draught?"

You "Yes, I have it, along with a message from Chauncey."

Rhoda: "Oh, let me guess. He's blathering on about how the horses are acting weird, so apparently that means something evil has come to town?"

You "Well... yes, actually."

Rhoda: "What nonsense! The only scary thing around here are my hiccoughs! Now please, the Draught!"

You "Yes, yes. And my ticket to the play?"

Rhoda: "Here it is, as promised. Oh, but do talk to Hilda before you go in. She's dying to get Clementine's autograph, but can't leave her stall, poor thing."

You lost 1x Draught of Cure Hiccough. Gained 700 experience!

You "Okay, I will!"

Rhoda: "Hilda is just over near the ticket booth. Enjoy the show, <Player Name>!"